Monday, October 8, 2012

Fall Around My House {2012}

Sorry to anyone (my sister!) who was waiting on a fall post this past week like I promised on Sunday.  In my defense, it was super cloudy all week here and my camera really stinks so I was waiting on a nice day to take photos for all of you so at least I’d have good lighting.  And then when it was finally sunny, Chris was off work and I totally got distracted.  Sorry!! 

Anyway, for fall this year I decided to scale back (as in scale back *for me* lol).  Basically, in the past for holidays I’ve removed whole displays from bookshelves and tables and completely replaced them with holidayscapes (I think I just invented a new word?!).  But that is waay too stressful for me anymore.  So now I just use my hutch/dresser in the living room as a blank slate/faux mantel, and add touches of the season everywhere else.  It’s a lot less stressful.  Does that make sense?  lol 

Like usual, pretty much all of my decorations are from yard sales or thrifted.  Tell you what – if it’s NOT from one of those two places, I’ll actually tell you in the caption so you can possibly go buy it.  Sound good? ;)

So here’s my hutch/dresser/where-I-decorate-because-I-don’t-have-a-fireplace-mantel.  Everything’s thrifted except the mini pods, which I have gotten a million compliments on.  They’re from Michaels! :) Oh and the print is from Pinterest!  (Actually I bought the yellow runner and the yellow leaf plate on clearance when I was a senior in college but that was a long time ago so they don’t have it in stores anymore.)

fall decor and luke 018


You saw this acorn frame a few posts back from Christmas Tree Shop – I put a picture of Luke from last fall in it.  He loves looking at himself chasing the rooster.  :) I made that candle wrap three years ago and I still love it!

fall decor and luke 009


A simple fall candle in a pretty yard-sale plate with Goodwill garland.  I love the green on brown here.  It makes my heart happy!

fall decor and luke 006


The woven pumpkin is from Cracker Barrel years ago when I used to work there.  I loved combining my discount with their sales – they have some of the cutest seasonal items!

fall decor and luke 007


An orange plate given to me by a friend a long time ago makes an awesome coaster holder for fall!  Love that color!

fall decor and luke 008


Berries from Michael’s this year…

fall decor and luke 012  fall decor and luke 020


I am obsessed with making these little paper pennant banners this year!  (You can see them here, here and here.)  Soooo super easy to change out the scrapbook paper for the seasons! 

fall decor and luke 021

I made the little newspaper-print apple using wrapping paper from Target’s Dollar Spot.  I have to be honest – I totally saw the idea from Jones Design Company and her monthly paper collection!  I am pretty much obsessed with anything Emily does – I think she is fabulous and I only wish I had the extra money to sign up for her gorgeous monthly creations!  I hope she is in the “copying is the sincerest form of flattery” camp!  lol  {So if you were going to pin this apple idea, please click over to her blog and click directly from her picture. Thanks!}

I should probably change it to a pumpkin now that’s it’s October, but I love it so it’s staying for now.  :)


I got the idea to do a faux-leaf garland from Shannon at Bless Our Nest.  I think I’ll be doing this every year from now on!  So easy! :) I just used mini clothespins from Michael’s instead of tape like she did.

fall decor and luke 023


Kitchen island (that candy jar was filled at one point – SCARY! haha) – the orange beaded plate was on clearance at Target a few weeks ago. 

fall decor and luke 025


Corner of the kitchen – I won these mini roses at our monthly Moms meeting last week.  I rarely get flowers and I am just loving them and I’m so thankful to have them!  Plus they smell really nice. :) I just hope I don’t kill them – I am NOT good with houseplants!  The metal pail was from Target’s dollar section this year and has a mini chalkboard circle on the other side you can write on. 

fall decor and luke 024


Little corner in the bathroom (remember, our bathroom has no natural light so pictures come out funky in here!).  Print is from Pinterest and it says, “Not what we say about our blessings, but how we use them, is the true measure of our thanksgiving.”  I love that reminder! You can see my beloved Vanilla Chai hand soap in the corner (from Target). 

fall decor and luke 015fall decor and luke 017


Hallway with faux leaves (I’ll admit it’s slightly on the tacky side but I like how they hang down!)…

fall decor and luke 013


Last but not least, our front door!  I bought this grapevine wreath for $5 at JoAnn’s and then found a big bag of faux leaf garlands at Goodwill for $1.99 (the leaves you’ve seen around my house).  I just trimmed and stuck them in – so for $7 I have a wreath that I love and can use year after year!  I used a piece of burlap to hold it up and just had Chris nail it to the top of the door.  I love seeing fall when I leave my house and when I come home. :)

fall decor and luke 011

Wow, that was a long one! :) You guys still with me?!  Happy fall!!! :)


P.S. Last year I did a 2-part series on how to inexpensively decorate for the fall, if you’re interested!  (You can also see how my decorating style changed in 12 months!  lol)  Part one and part two


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  1. I'm loving everything! I'm too excited for the holidays that are coming to decorate for fall. LOL I've actually already started looking for Christmas Decors. LOL


  2. LOVELY! I just wrote my blog about my fall decor, it's slated to post tomorrow morning! yay! love fall! =)


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