Friday, May 18, 2012

Our House, One Year Later: The Bathroom

It just dawned on me that the bathroom might be an awkward place to start on our home tour.  Oh well!  haha  Awkwardness is pretty much the story of my life! :)

We only have one bathroom in this house – and it’s definitely not huge – but thankfully some solid choices were made by the previous owners, so it didn’t need a complete overhaul or anything like that.  One thing you might notice is that these pictures are dark – there’s no window in the bathroom, although there are two doors (I’ll explain that below). 

Really we were just dealing with peach, peach, and more peach – even the ceiling!  Here’s what it looked like before we purchased it:

more house 013more house 014


And here’s the after!  We painted the walls “Sea Salt” by Sherwin Williams (color-matched to Olympic paint at Lowes – SO much cheaper!!).  This color is fantastic. 

bathroom 006bathroom 012


By the sink I added this cute print I got off of Pinterest (free via this website!).  I love the cheerful, happy, summery colors – not to mention the text. :)  I keep a framed print in here all year round and change it up with the seasons. 

bathroom 016


Above the toilet, I hung an awesome vintage map of Connecticut from the 1930s.  I had an old whitewashed frame already, so I just placed it inside.  I found the map off Etsy for only $10 from the shop Unexpected Elegance.  It’s one of my favorite finds!  The starfish is from Christmas Tree Shop last summer, but I think they have them again this year!

bathroom 008


I showed this print ages ago – I got it at Goodwill for only $2.50!  Originally I was going to switch it out for a matte that wasn’t stained, but I decided I actually liked it that way! 

bathroom 007


Here’s a different angle of both of them:

bathroom 014


In the corner behind the door is a cool piece of coral from our honeymoon in Mexico!  That’s right, I put this sucker in my suitcase and lugged it home (and then it sat in lots and lots of bleached water).  We were young and fresh out of college so we didn’t have a ton of money to buy a lot of souvenirs, so I love having this piece as a beautiful reminder of our time there (and don’t worry, it was far off the beach!). 

bathroom 013


I absolutely love this faucet (we get a lot of compliments on it – thanks, previous owners!  haha) and our vanity/medicine cabinet combo.  There’s the perfect amount of room to keep everything neat and stashed away, which is really helpful when you’re dealing with such a small space.  I love white and I also love that they chose silver fixtures for everything.  Saved us a lot of money! 

bathroom 018


One of the unique things about our house is that it makes a complete circle inside.  So the bathroom has two doors – one leads to the hallway and the other goes right to the laundry room.  I am a huge fan of this setup!  When Luke gets messy outside, he can walk right in through the backdoor and the laundry room and get in the tub.  Plus having a house that makes a complete loop makes chasing a toddler a lot more fun. :)

bathroom 020bathroom 022

At some point in the future we’d like to replace the hideous ugly and cheap current doors with more custom-looking white ones.  But other than that, our bathroom’s done!  :)


Thankfully in this room, all that was required was a can of paint and about about $20 worth of accessories!  Love it when that happens! :)

Thanks for stopping in! 


  1. Looks so good sissy! The pictures do not do it justice either! Love that old CT map btw! So cute :)

  2. I really love that wall color. How gorgeous : ) I also love that your house is a complete circle inside! Very cool : )

  3. looks lovely! the fruit of the Spirit print is a winner - i want one!!

  4. Great job! I LOVE the framed map!! ;) Thanks for the shout out! :)

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