Sunday, September 23, 2012

Friday, Saturday, & Sunday Around Here

I don’t do a lot of “our life” posts and I really want to be better about it.

So. :)

On Friday we took Starbucks to Chris at work.  My super hot and smart husband got a promotion at the end of July which means he now has his own office (as opposed to the concrete dungeon with no windows that he used to work in – no kidding, he showed it to me on his last week of work after 2 years there and I could have cried.  Might have been pregnancy hormones, but still).  This office has a big window and it’s spacious and so much happier.  Not to mention that he’s much happier, which is the most important thing to me. 

Luke loves to swirl in the office chair. He thinks it’s super fun to visit Daddy at work!  I love my boy in that Gap thermal.  I got it for $2 off a local Facebook resale site and I was SO happy that it fits him again this year! 

phone pics 111  phone pics 112  phone pics 113


I was loving my Salted Caramel Mocha (decaf, don’t worry!).  Starbucks if you are reading will you please keep the salt alllll year long?  How hard could it be?  lol

phone pics 109phone pics 110

I am also loving my new Essie “Very Structured” polish, borrowed from a friend.  It’s a beautiful burgundy-brown and it’s such a great fall color! 


While we were out we stopped at Christmas Tree Shop.  That store is like crack for moms on a budget.  For real.  The napkins were even cheaper at the register, so for $1.99 I got a little fall goodness!  Oh and the markdown action on the acorn totally cracked me up.  To me that is the mind of a distracted pregnant woman at work.  lol

the weekend 006the weekend 008


On Friday afternoon I took dinner to a friend who’s been having a rough couple of weeks.  I love making meals for people because I remember how special it was when I had my rough recovery after Luke and people took the time to cook for us.  I whipped up some enchiladas, corn, and my pumpkin oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.  (Recipe for the cookies is here – they’re really yummy!) 

the weekend 011


My boy was being a great helper…until he wasn’t.  I’ve never gotten a time-out-in-progress photo shot before but I’m holding on to this sucker until his wedding! I had to take it with the flash off since I was hiding behind the laundry room door and I didn’t want him to see me!  haha!

the weekend 002  the weekend 004


I LOVE when my favorite bloggers write books – and NieNie’s did not disappoint.  I read the entire thing on Friday.  No kidding.  I highly recommend it!  And if you don’t know who she is, her blog is NieNie Dialogues – one of the best.  (P.S. Kelle Hampton’s book Bloom was fabulous, too – although be forewarned of bad language if that bothers you. I read it when we still weren’t sure about Olivia’s situation – and it was incredibly inspiring and encouraging.)

the weekend 013


For the rest of the weekend we mostly hung out at home doing house projects and playing with Luke.  Friends were supposed to come over but they both got colds (bummer) – but I was so excited to make a dessert I’d found that I made it anyway!  I have been SO into apples with this baby – no kidding, a lot of times I eat two a day – and this Apple Crisp Pizza (think apple crisp on a pie crust) was super fab. 

the weekend 021


I didn’t change a thing – and I definitely recommend the caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream she suggests.  Caramel sauce from the store isn’t clean but in my opinion desserts are go big or go home!  :)


Today we went to church and then my parents stopped by for lunch and apple crisp.  Snapped this photo of my dad reading Luke his new favorite book – Eric Carle’s The Very Busy Spider.  My dad just adores Luke and the feeling is mutual. :)

the weekend 024

Chris primed about 3/4 of Livi’s room – yay!!!! So I’m excited to start picking out paint samples this week.  Right now he’s giving Luke a bath and playing his harmonica while Luke splashes.  He taught himself to play this summer and he’s actually really amazing at it.  He just plays all.the.time.  I swear, it’s like living on the set of The Waltons over here.    We’ve worked out a deal where he can play outside or when he gives Luke baths.  haha

I have laundry humming in the dryer and in approximately 16 minutes  Luke will go to bed!  Yay!  :)


Have a fantastic week!


  1. I love "day in the life" stuff. I love seeing people's everyday.
    Hahaha! The sale price cracks me up!
    My girl loves The Very Busy Spider. It's so sweet hearing her "read" it.
    Have a great week!

  2. Aw, I loved reading this! Sound like a fun weekend! My kids are in love the The Very Busy Spider too. :)

  3. FYI...purchased a box, of 6, Starbucks salted caramel hot chocolate at Target, for my daughter, the college student, just yesterday! You can add it to decaf coffee for that coffee fix. Also, saw a box of this at Walmart Super Center too!


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