Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What I’m Loving Wednesday {Glimpses of Fall}

I’ve been breaking {okay, maybe tweaking} my own rules and slowly bringing in the teeniest bits of fall into my house.  I usually force myself to wait until September 1st to go full out fall-crazy, but since we’re traveling to PA this weekend for Labor Day, I’m allowing myself to decorate tomorrow.  (Tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!)  I promise to show you my fall décor for this year once it’s up and set the way I like it….but in the meantime, here’s some things I’m loving this week:

{1} Vanilla Chai Hand Soap by Method

wilw 015

Girls, seriously?  SERIOUSLY.  This soap is unreal.  I dare you not to sniff your hands over and over again after washing with it.  No really.  I dare you. :)


{2} Petite Pumpkin Spice Donuts

wilw 021


Found this recipe via Pinterest and it is soooo yummy!  Chris and Luke and I were big fans.  I liked them plain (I gave them plain to Luke, too), and Chris liked them both plain and dipped in butter and cinnamon-sugar.  They would be super tasty with hot cider!  I happened to get my mini donut pan off a resale site on Facebook but you can find them at Target, too! 

I do recommend to eat these as soon as possible after baking – in my opinion, that’s when they’re best. 


{3} Burlap and Grapevine

wilw 019

Stopped at JoAnn’s the other day with my mom….fall crafting is going to be starting soon!  I have an idea for a wreath and the burlap is going to be made into a table runner.  Can’t wait! :)


{4} Leopard Flats from Target

wilw 011


These have been on my wish list for over a year(!!). Finally - a simple (cheap!) leopard flat!  They were on sale last week for $14 (and it also happened to be tax-free week in CT, yay!) so I snatched them up.  I love them and I’m so excited to wear them as the weather gets cooler. 


{5} Organic Chai by Tazo

wilw 016

My husband doesn’t drink coffee but has recently become *obsessed* with chai tea.  This mix is $2.99 this week at Target – you blend half mix, half milk, and heat.  I’m not as much of a chai fan as he is but I have to admit it’s really good (especially with whipped cream and cinnamon on top!) lol


{6} Back in the CVS Game

wilw 001

I fell off the coupon bandwagon for a while during the tiredness and sickness of first trimester.  I’m back on and had such a good week at CVS this week!  I was so pumped.  I got everything in the picture – 4 dish  soaps, 6 tissues, 2 packs of pull-ups, 2 candy bars, a 2-pack of floss, a Venus razor, and Stayfree pads (post-baby recovery!) for only $13 after my $10 gas card and $6 Extra Bucks!  Whoo hoo!


{7} Honey Nut Cheerios & Annie’s Mac ‘n’ Cheese

wilw 018

Okay so this isn’t really fall related, either.  It’s just for my brain to remember (and laugh later) about some of my crazy pregnancy cravings.  My husband loves cereal and I hadn’t bought him any kinds in a while that weren’t all-natural.  Honey Nut Cheerios was on sale last week so I bought him some.  I have NEVER liked this cereal but wouldn’t you know, he was eating it the other night and I could smell it and I HAD to have some.  I don’t let myself eat it everyday but ooooohhhh it tastes so good to my pregnant belly!  lol  I justify it to myself via the fact that my mom-of-2 brain forgets to take her prenatals sometimes (even when they’re right on the counter), so at least I’m getting good ol’ sprayed-on vitamins in my Cheerios! 

Oh, and the Annies?  The natural version of Kraft blue box.  SO GOOOOOOD! :)


Happy Wednesday, everyone!

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  1. love this list! and now that school has started I feel in the mood for fall too! =)

  2. I bought some burlap at JoAnn this weekend too!

  3. Method products smell sooo good! My friend has it and whenever we help her clean and wipe the dining table when we eat there, we get obsessed with the smell of the cleaning spray! :) I have the same flats by the way! I haven't broken them in though, must do it tonight :)


  4. i *love* that chai mix--- sooooo good & perfect for fall. Speaking of fall... those donuts looks amazing! be still my beating heart!

  5. love that chai tea!

    Have a great Wednesday! Drop by and say hello!

  6. Eeeeeep i am so excited to decorate for fall!!! Pennsylvania this weekend?!?! I hope you have a wonderful trip! One of these times we have got together and meet up for a coffee or something!!!

  7. I just told my mom today that I wanted to find done cute, cheap leapord flats! Those are so cute. I'll be going to Target soon! Thanks!

    Also, good news! :) I saw on a blog that they make permanent iron on paper for appliqués. So you can iron them on and they do not have to be stitched and won't come off in the washing machine!

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