Friday, November 4, 2011

Simple Tips for Inexpensive Fall Decorating {Part 2 of 2}

Today’s post is a continuation of yesterday’s.  You’ll see in the pictures below that some of the items I’ve had even before we got married 5 years ago!  I tend to be very traditional in my home choices – so I am able to use some items year after year without it looking too outdated.  (For that matter, the same goes for my wardrobe.  I am a traditional girl through-and-through!  Call it the oldest child/schoolteacher in me!  lol  Remember how yesterday I talked about discontent with finances?  God has taught me a lot about that in regard to clothes, too.  I just try to make the best of what I can afford, clothes-wise.  Sometimes envy and discontent rear their ugly heads and I have a little pity party in my head, but I am making big progress, by God’s grace!)

Anyway, on to the house! :)

Below each photo, I’ll let you know where I got each of the items. If I purchased it within the past several months, I’ll mark it with an asterisk (*).


Dining Room:

november-018_thumb1 november-020_thumb1

I simply switched over the “Fall” Subway art from October to the “Give Thanks” page now that it’s November.



Frame: $1.00, thrift store* 
Printables (via Pinterest): $1 each to get printed on cardstock at Staples*
Faux mini vegetables: Michaels, years ago
Faux wine corks: Target clearance, $6.99* (I bought them to do
another project but I’m using a few here as well)
Votives: from my sister’s wedding; free. :)


Living Room:


This is one of my favorite “fall spots” in my house. It’s so peaceful to me.  The photo you see was given to me as a gift from my uncle (including the frame!) who is a professional photographer.  I had yet to hang it up since we moved, and when I was decorating the house for fall, I realized that it would be perfect on top of our bookshelf!  So yes, I am super lucky in that respect! But you could also get a photo of your family (or of your kids playing in the leaves!), get it enlarged, then place it in a Goodwill frame. 

Picture: gift (free)
Vase filler: gift for my birthday last year (free)
Acorn “branches”: Goodwill 3 years ago (used to be a candle wreath; I simply unwound it so I could use it more as a filler)



Pumpkin: Cracker Barrel 4-5 years ago



Pear: 10 cents, yard sale*
Pumpkin: Goodwill, 3 years ago
Leaf plate: Target clearance, 2 years ago, $1.24 (see this post)
White candle: Big Lots, years ago 
Lantern: $.50, Goodwill (see this post)
Mendelssohn bust: $5, Goodwill
Orange candle: given to me (free)*
Decorative filler: $4.99, Michael’s*
Cigar box: $.99, Goodwill
Glass cylinder: $.99, Goodwill*
Faux walnuts: vase filler from my cousin’s wedding; free


november 032

Yellow runner: $5 at Wal-Mart when I was in COLLEGE! :)
Leaf plate: Wal-Mart, also from college
Orange candle: gift (free)*
Berry garland around the mirror: $4 (see below for how I made it)*
Candle wreath: $3 (see post here)

Side note: Can I just tell you how much I ADORE this sideboard/dresser/hutch in my living room? My aunt’s friend was moving across the country, and she let my mom and I come shop her house for the things she couldn’t take with her. She originally had this piece in her dining room and she sold it to me for THIRTY-FIVE DOLLARS. Isn’t that insane?! I keep extra serving dishes, tablecloths, and candles in the drawers. I am totally in love with it. It’s SO well made (the company is Drexel) and I know from what she said that it’s several generations old. I am so thankful that I was able to afford it! I can’t get over the beauty of the wood and the timeless design.  I hope to have this for many, many years – maybe it can be an heirloom piece for one of my kids in the future.




I made this berry garland by simply twisting berry picks from the floral section at Michael’s into one long strand and then tucking it behind the mirror.

Berry picks: $1 each on sale ($4 total)*


Kitchen island:


Green bowl: $.50 at a yard sale, 2 or 3 years ago
Candle: $2.99?, Ikea* (I just removed the label)
Mini pods/filler: $4.99, Michaels (came from same box as above)*
Pumpkin candy dish: yard sale, years ago




“Mulled Cider” hand soap: $1, Christmas Tree Shop*
Ceramic pumpkin: Goodwill or yard sale – had it for years
Orange towel: $.50 at flea market {definitely not a real hand towel, but again, who cares?  It’s okay to break “the rules” in your own house. :) }

Hope you enjoyed the fall tour! :)


Oh, and guys?  This is what the floor of my living room looked like the day I took the photos. 


november 034

Just keepin’ it real!! And I only have ONE kiddo!!!! So help me when I have more! lol


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  1. such great ideas, girl! love it. i need these tips. i'm the bearer of zero fall decorating accessories. : ( so, thank you!

  2. You're so good at decorating! Everything looks so warm and festive - and the budget is amazing. Looks $$$ to me! :) Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. i just got some mini pod filler from target for $3.74 and i am in love :) mom told me that you had them at your house, and then when they came to visit she bought some, so it was just the right thing for me to do to buy some for our place!

  4. Super cute! I have similar gallery shelving that my husband I built in my living, too!

  5. The last picture is the best! I'm glad to see someone else's living room looks like mine! :) Love your Give Thanks print too!

  6. oh how i love free printables! love your fall cozy. :)


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