Friday, October 19, 2012

Thankful Friday

My heart is just feeling so overwhelmed with thankfulness lately that I thought I’d write a post about it.  So here some things my heart has been blessed by this week…in no particular order.

1.  The view out my back window every morning.  Our backyard faces a farm and the morning view is so beautiful.  I love to open the back door and stand there for a minute and breathe in the fresh, cold air.  My soul is so blessed by such a pretty sight each day!

painting and around the house 021


2.  This past weekend Chris and I finally got to take our 5-year anniversary trip to Boston…a year late.  We have been planning and saving for this trip for a super long time – and it was amazing. We are both in love with that city and can’t wait to go back! 




3.  This week Chris was given a $10 gift card to Moe’s at work and our realtor sent us a $20 Visa gift card as a thank-you for writing a review of him on Zillow.  It might seem like small potatoes to most people, but this is so exciting to people like us on a budget!  I told Chris that I hope I never have so much money that I’m not thankful for small blessings like this.  We rarely get to go out to eat so this is huge for us (although let me here and now swear my undying love and devotion to Chipotle.  I e-mailed them and asked them to come our area but no such luck.  lol)

painting and around the house 024


4.  This week I’ve been blessed by the generosity of two people on a local free FB group I’m part of.  One woman was giving away baby clothes so I got some cute things for Livi.  Another gave me a bag of old magazines – most of them Taste of Home.  I already found some great recipes that I’m excited to try – including one for my beloved rainbow cookies!  Score!

painting and around the house 028


5.  Luke had some big milestones this week, too!  He ate raspberries with me earlier this week (HUGE for him – he hasn’t eaten them or really any fruit in months since he gagged last time he ate them).  He also officially counted to 10!  So now we have that and the ABCs down pat – even with a cognitive and speech delay!  So proud of him!  Although sometimes I think if I have to hear the ABC song one more time I will jump out the closest window!!! lol

painting and around the house 010

{Helping Daddy bring in the trash cans each week -
his first real “chore. ” I think he looks adorable!}


6.  This week I had the chance to talk to two people about adoption – one a blog friend via e-mail, the other friends of ours who came over last night to talk about where to start.  I am SO humbled and honored that even though we are not adopting currently, God is still using us to spread information about it and share what we’ve learned.  It makes me so, so, so happy that even though we have to wait to adopt for a little bit, we can encourage others to do it even in this waiting time.  More kiddos in families…whooo hoo!!


7.  Lastly (and this is pretty ridiculous), I’m thankful for my mom’s homemade carrot cake.  We had a little lunch for my grandmother’s birthday yesterday, and my mom sent me home with some slices.  You guys, it is TO DIE FOR.  Completely homemade AND with homemade cream cheese frosting AND topped with coconut.  It is the one and only dessert I will eat with raisins and nuts in it (otherwise, yuck).  There are about 4 bites left in my fridge and it is taking a serious amount of will-power to not rub my face in it save it for later. 

painting and around the house 025


Thankful to God this week for all the many little ways He provides for us and shows us glimpses of His love and mercy.  Have a wonderful weekend!

OOOH and I almost forgot – if you have a kiddo of your own or any kids to buy for this Christmas, you will definitely want to come back on Monday for a giveaway!  I have a great one for you!!! :)


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  1. Here's the deal: my kids and I prefer Moe's but they don't have them here. We do have Chipotle, though. Let's switch! :)
    I love the view out your door! How peaceful!
    And...I am planning to respond to your email. As soon as my man gets back from his business trip and I have a few seconds without the kids around. :)

  2. Loved your post! :) I try every day to stop and thank God for even the smallest blessings. He is so good! Stopping by from Friday Favorite Things, have a blessed day!! :)

  3. Just stopped by from finding joy and wanted to let you know that I was so blessed by your list of things to be grateful for. Such silly small things that bring us joy - the Lord loves us so! Happy Friday. =)


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