Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Money Saving Mom’s Book and NEW Freezer Cooking Book

It’s been a crazy week here (more on that another time!) but I wanted to pop on because Crystal Paine, aka Money Saving Mom, is offering a free freezer-cooking e-book and I just couldn’t resist taking her up on it! 

All she is asking in return for the free e-book is that you blog, tweet, FB, or pin about her new book (to be released in January), The Money Saving Mom’s Budget.


You guys, I had an opportunity to read a draft copy of this book, and it is FABULOUS.  I will have a full-review coming soon, and an opportunity for one of you to win a copy, but let me encourage you to think about pre-ordering it, as well!  ALL proceeds – did you hear that?! – ALL PROCEEDS from the book go to Compassion International.  Love it. 

Anyway, hop on over to her book’s Amazon page to learn more info and to pre-order, if you’d like.  And remember, if you’d like to help promote her amazing book in some way, you’ll get a free 45-page e-book in return!  Not a bad deal. ;)


  1. I love this stuff. Each person has NEW ideas!

  2. sweet! i'm all about saving money and getting a free ebook all at once. : ) thanks, girlie.

    hope you're having a lovely weekend.


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