Thursday, November 10, 2011

Why You Should Sign up for Recyclebank

Have you heard of Recyclebank yet?  It’s a new (to me) site where you enter points and then redeem the points for dozens and dozens of different items.  You can earn the points a variety of ways – sometimes there will be short movies or quizzes you can do on the site, or you can enter codes from products you buy. 

The reason I am LOVING it is that the points are high-value, and the rewards are low value.  I’ve been entering my points at Pampers ever since Luke was born, and a big package of diapers might only get you 60 points….and a magazine subscription can need upwards of 1200 points.   (Not knocking the Gifts to Grow program…I’ve gotten a lot of Starbucks gift cards that way!  I’m just saying that it takes a lot longer.)

But on Recyclebank?  So many of the rewards are super low in point requirements.  For instance, just this week I got a magazine subscription to Better Homes and Gardens (115 points), and with just a few more points I can earn one for Martha Stewart Living (230 points)!  Magazines are such a splurge for me – I love to read and I love getting something happy in the mail, don’t you?  I currently get 4 magazines in the mail that I didn’t have to pay for, thanks to deal sites, and now I’ll be getting two more!  Hooray!

I’ve tried different survey sites before, and I can’t stand when you take 10 minutes to do a survey, only to find out you’re “not qualified” for the “real” one.  Ahhhh!! Drives me bonkers.  Recyclebank is easy.  There’s no qualification or long, lengthy surveys.  The videos might be 2-3 minutes long, at most, and several give you 25 points.  A survey is likely to be one question long, and give you 5 points or more. 

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The way I’ve been getting lots of points is by redeeming the 50-point codes on the inside of my Kashi organic cereal boxes.  (So are you doing the math?  That’s less than 3 boxes of cereal to get a free year-long subscription – and that’s if I ONLY entered cereal box codes and did nothing else.) 

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Seriously guys, it’s so easy!  Give it a try! :)  I’d love it if you could would sign up via my my personal referral link.  I get 10 points for every person that signs up under me.  Then you can share it with your friends and start getting points yourself! 


Now go get those free magazines! :)


P.S. Do you subscribe to Money Saving Mom?  She often lists on her site when new videos are available to watch on Recyclebank so you don’t have to constantly check the site. 

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  1. Thanks for posting about this. I have heard about recyclebank before but never knew what it was, I am totally going to start doing this as well!!

    PS. I think we need to have an email chat about clean eating! Last month, for obvious reasons LOL, i was super busy and din't read blogs all that much and I am so bummed I missed your series. I did a series about 18 months ago on my blog about nutrition and diet (reason number 182 why I so wished we had lived in NEPA at the same time because I am pretty sure we would have been good friends!).


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