Friday, January 7, 2011

Recent Goodwill Finds

Our local Goodwill has a 50% sale (we went on Black Friday and found some great deals, too) the day of/after big holidays.  Here’s what I was able to score for about $25 the day after Christmas:

Watercolor boat painting, $2.50 (needs a new mat (matte?) but I love collecting pictures of boats and the ocean, especially since we’re back in CT; I’d love to have a whole gallery wall of them someday!)

december 2010 part one 102

“True People” jeans (my sister found these for me, and apparently they are expensive – who knew?), $3; “Elle” long-sleeved shirt (Kohl’s) for $2.

december 2010 part one 111 

Great class jars for $1 each – how could I pass them up? :)

december 2010 part one 104 

4 books; I’d been wanting to read the Dr. Dobson book for a while so Chris and I are trying to stay awake enough to read it in bed together.  So far we’ve made it through the first chapter. (lol) It was 99 cents, I believe.

I love art history (my knowledge is definitely very limited though), so I couldn’t pass up this book for Luke for 50 cents.

december 2010 part one 105 

The green book in the back is actually a giant book of French impressionistic paintings; it was 5 bucks but it is huge and great for framing!

december 2010 part one 106 

I absolutely love elephants, and this vintage book (although a little stained!) was only a quarter!  These are the kind of pictures I’m looking to frame for when we do Luke’s room again.

december 2010 part one 107

I love anything pink, which also means I love decorating for Valentine’s Day.  I think these 3 plates total were $1.50.  Conversation heart plates, people!!!! I die.

 december 2010 part one 108

Love this lantern (candle goes inside), and cute plates for the Superbowl!  Also $1.50 total. 

 december 2010 part one 109

Last but not least, a Little People truck (50 cents, maybe? can’t remember) and a vacuum (I never spell that word right the first try) sealer (unopened, with bags inside) for $5 – I’ve been looking for one of these for next summer’s produce!  Yay!  The same one at right now is $40. 

 december 2010 part one 110

There’s just nothing like getting great things for your home and yourself for so cheap!  Love love love it! :)

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  1. Hey Jessica, This is Erin. I am so jealous of all the blogs that I read about Goodwill finds. Our local Goodwills here are WAYYYYY overpriced! That same framed picture you bought would be at least 15 bucks here. I have seen frames that they have priced HIGHER than the original price tag still on the back! The end tables run about 50 dollars!

  2. I love the jars you scored and the vintage children's book is right up my alley. You are making me miss my old GW. There are no GW's in Rhode Island. ;(

  3. Love the jars. Saw a cute tutorial last week with chalk boars paint on the side. And now I'm ready for you to move into your house so i can see all your decorating!

  4. Great finds. The conversation heart plates are very cute.

  5. Those are some fantastic finds!! I never seem to luck out like that. :)

  6. Awesome finds!! I love the glass jars and the heart plates!!


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