Friday, November 6, 2009

Why I Love Target (Part Two)

I posted yesterday about how I'm loving Target for the great grocery and household deals, but today is all about Target's house decor. Honestly, I usually love most of the stuff they put out, but we're on a yard-sale budget here, so when I shop Target's decor I shop the endcaps. And sometimes they have the cutest things at dollar-store prices!

I think I literally almost squealed when I found these three hooks just laying together on one of the bottom shelves.....for NINETY-EIGHT CENTS each! How perfect are these for a kid's room? They look totally Pottery Barn Kids to me.

They were originally $3.99 each, so I got them 75% off. I've been looking for something cute to hang Luke's bath towels on. Now I just need to get Chris to hang them for me. :)

Target's fall/Halloween decor was also 75% off. I shared yesterday about how I found my niece two cute girly costumes for dress-up, but I also about died when I saw these pumpkins:

If you read 320 Sycamore, you were probably salivating like I was over her adorable metallic pumpkins that she made! (Truth be told, I still like hers better, but these were cheaper than a can of spray paint!) The big one was $2.24 and the little one was $1.99.

I also found this cute little leaf candle holder for $1.24.

They had a bunch of Halloween items - we don't do Halloween but if you do there are tons of deals to be found!

Target is also setting out their Christmas stuff already, and I think I could have bought one of everything, but I don't want my husband to leave me. :)

I'm sure the store near you has all the fall stuff 75% off too, so hurry and find some super cute fall decorations for rock-bottom prices!


Check out Jane's site today for other fabulous finds!


  1. Great finds! Love the pumpkins and you can still have them out for awhile!

  2. Okay Love the pumpkins! I am totally jealous about the hooks. They are great especially the price!

  3. Gotta love Target!!! Favorite place to shop (when not thrifting).

  4. Jane @ Finding FabulousNovember 8, 2009 at 2:06 PM totally scored big! Those hooks are adorable, and love the metallic pumpkins too! Thanks for linkin' up!


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