Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Packing Up and Leaving

These past few weeks have been totally, utterly insane at our house.  We have been working non.stop. on the house in preparation for the realtor coming today.  On a positive note, our house is cleaner than it’s been….well, ever. 

The number he gave us today was lower than we were both hoping for, but he’s been in the business for 30 years and he told us he wanted to price it aggressively.  After initially bawling my eyes out to my husband (after the man left), I’ve realized (since Chris talked me through it, lol), that it is probably the better move for us.  We’re staying with my parents until our house sells, and while I love my family, the faster, the better!  Extra money would have been nice, but a couple thousand dollars can make the difference between a house selling in 6 months or 2.  I am still not 100% happy with the number, but I am at peace with the decision. 

It’s the last few days in our house, and I’m definitely starting to get sentimental.  We have put our heart and soul into this place over the last two years, and I’m going to miss it.  We have literally changed almost every surface in this house.  Chris and I have both said before that it basically feels like we built this house, for all the changes we put into it.  Anyone who comes to see it always comments on how crazily different it looked on the day we moved in.  It was – and always will be – our first home, and the place we brought home our first baby.  I think I will probably bawl my eyes out again at closing when we have to hand the keys to the new owners. 

Anyway, tonight we are finally taking it easy.  We ordered pizza and we are just going to lay around and do nothing and probably watch a bunch of episodes of Seinfeld when Luke goes to bed.  The rest of the week will be spent seeing friends, finishing up a few projects, and then my parents will be here this weekend to help us move and prepare to leave on Sunday. 

So, other than a giveaway (come back tomorrow!!), I won’t be around the rest of this week. 

However, within the next two weeks, you can expect the following posts:

- how to get started with clean eating
- healthy fats and misconceptions about them (wow, I sound like a PBS special)
- Luke’s birthday, part 2
- hopefully a whole bunch of house before and afters!

See you on the flip side! ;)


  1. It is so bittersweet leaving that first home. When we moved from CT to PA in Jan it made me feel so many different rushes of emotions. We had just had a major water damage in Aug, and had just gotten to move back home in Nov (new kitchen and bathroom though(: ) so to turn around and move again just months later made me feel like whiplash. It sounds like this is something that's come up fairly quickly for you too. I remember thinking that it just wasn't fair, I had finally gotten the house the way I wanted it only to turn around and have to sell it. We also had to list at a price that was much lower than what we had wanted (and also lower than what we had paid). It was incredibly frustrating, but God had his hand in everything - if we hadn't had the water damage, if we hadn't had to have the kitchen and bathroom gutted, we would never have been able to list it for anything close to what we had to get to be able to move, and my husband wouldn't have been able to take his job that meant I could be a SAHM. I remember thinking that I just wanted to be home with my baby, when we were crammed into a hotel room and he was only a month old, and later, when after 2 months we still weren't home and we living with my inlaws. But if I had been home then, I would be at work now, whereas now I get to stay at home forever (well, at least till school)

    MY main point is that even when we really don't see or feel God working, He is. And he will bring you through all of this.

    -Jenn @ Attempting to be (un) Normal

  2. I wrote this and the realized I didn't know how much info about location you wanted getting out, if you would like the guys name, email me and I would love to let you know.

    Oh, and we had an absolutely *AMAZING* Realtor in CT who did a wonderful job taking care of us and our condo. His name is ****** and if you don't already have one you should look into him. He was very knowledgeable of course, but he is also a christian and his character shined through; he was a very strong man of integrity. That wasn't the impression we got from many others when we were looking. I cannot recommend him enough. Take care!

    - Jenn @ Attempting to be (un) Normal

  3. Thank you so much for stopping by, I'm following back. Hope you visit often.


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