Thursday, August 5, 2010

Design Help!

Okay guys, I could definitely use some opinions here. As you know, we are in the process of super-speedily selling our house to move to CT.

So before I go on and explain my design/decor problem, let me just say that we have *no time* to paint our kitchen cabinets - otherwise I would have done it, b/c clearly that would have solved my problem.

So, here goes…

The dipwads (trust me, it’s merited – wait ‘til I show you the before and afters) that lived in this house before us thought it would be a great idea to hang those crappy sticky-poster-hangers on the sides of the crappy veneer/fake wood/whatever it’s called cabinets.

When they left the house, they also left us with this:

001 002

Now, here’s my problem. Clearly, it needs to be covered, but I’m not sure what my better option is. I can only think of 2 solutions so far.

1. Paint both sides with chalkboard paint (which I already have, so I wouldn’t need to buy it). Chris isn’t crazy about this idea, and I understand his point – someone might hate that.

2. Try to find two matching, long photos/pieces of artwork that we could hang/tape/whatever over the sticky marks. The downside of this is that our realtor is coming to take pics on Tuesday, and we have a serious lack of extra money right now.

So if it was you, what would you do?? Go bold with the chalkboard paint since you already have it in the house, and risk your homebuyer hating it? Or spend who knows how much time and/or money to go with the safer option? Or go with a third option that you are going to share with me in the comments? :)

I should also mention that today is our 4-year-anniversary. We spent the whole day sweating, painting, and stripping wallpaper. It’s okay though, because my DH has promised that we can go to the Cheesecake Factory in Providence together next month after we’ve moved. I can handle anything if there’s a 7-Layer Chocolate Cake in my future. :)

Jessica Gigliotti Brubaker Our wedding day, 8/5/06ocean city 051Atlantic city, 7/19/10

Happy anniversary, sweetheart! I love you!

If you have advice on my kitchen problem, I’m all ears!

Or eyes. whatever. ;)


  1. what about beadboard? or that beadboard wallpaper? just slap some up there, nicely, of course.

  2. Looks like a door next to it.... Maybe put up a key holder or something. Or could you color it in with colored pencils and markers to make it less noticeable?
    I clearly am NOT good at this but sharing what came to my mind.

  3. I second beadboard. Just slap it up there with construction adhesive!

  4. I think the chalkboard paint is fantastic, because if they're really that bad, the next owners will either paint the cabinets or install new ones. Or maybe paint a super thin sheet of wood or pressed board and install that onto the ends so it's a bit less permanent.

  5. And then you could write "Welcome Home" on the cabinets :)

  6. Happy Anniversary! I have good friends who were also married 4 years ago today. Nice day!
    I have no ideas for the cabinets. Sorry! We're just putting ours on the market and I'm also looking for some cheap, quick fixes for things.

  7. I love the Chalkboard Paint idea! You should frame the end of the cabinets after you paint them to make it look more custom =)

  8. Do you have any unused larger picture frames? I'd be hesitant to paint the whole area in the chalk paint, because it looks like it might be a little too much over the entire cabinet side - but maybe hang a picture frame w/o the glass, and just paint the backing? Or paint a section of the cabinet and then hang the frame over it?

    Either that or I've seen houses with runner's (at least I think that's what their called) along the top of the cabinets and hanging down for deco - do you have spare cloth? Or old/unused curtains? And then some people will have items on display on top. I don't particularly care for the look, but it covers it in a pinch.

  9. I would totally go with the chalkboard paint since you already have it! Trim it out with some cheap or leftover molding and write something cute on it!

  10. Happy anniversary.

    I don't think the art is a great solution because I think it will stick out. The same for the chalkboard paint. I don't really think it's fair to the next owners because they may not want to paint all the cabinets, since they aren't painted. Does that make sense? Since you aren't painting the cabinets, I'm not sure that beadboard is an option either. I'm afraid it would just stick out like a sore thumb.

    What about a calendar? that seems like a rational thing to hang.... Or maybe some simple oak moulding in an 8x10 size to slip a photo into. Does that make sense? That would be cheap and then the photo would look like it has a place.

    I hope this helps. Trust your gut.

  11. I would go with the chalkboard paint. I doubt someone would not buy a house just b/c of that one small element.

  12. I would go with something that conceals it but isn't permanent. (In our old house that we sold, we put rugs over stuff....and we even put a bath towel over a nasty black spot on the bathtub, ha!) Sadly, people buying houses have a lot to look at and will not even think to check under things. I vote with Kim@newlywoodwards. Make the area a "Family message center" Hang a calendar, put a corkboard/marker board/chalk board up there. You should be able to find something like that fairly quick. It could even be kinda cute!

  13. Happy Anniversary!!! For the cabinets...I would not try to hang or hide what the dipwads did, because if I bought the house and THEN noticed something was "covered up" it would make me wonder what else was "covered up". I would go with chalkboard paint, it is so "in" right now and like someone else said, trim it out and write something cutesie on there and call it a day! Good luck!!

  14. I like the calendar and cork board ideas...get cheap $1 ones somewhere. Before I read the comments, I leaned towards the picture (not permanent) over the chalkboard paint. It would look more like staging instead of something permanent to change for the home buyer.

  15. your so cute. i wish i had a genius idea for you. i think the chalkboard idea sounds good... it's really popular right now and it would add a trendy edge to the cabinets. if people hate it, they'll change it. i don't think having to change that small of a thing will keep someone from buying your house. happy anniversary! can't wait for you to get to celebrate at the cheesecake factory - yummm! you are a beautiful couple. i bet you are glad to be moving back home!

  16. i mean "you're" not your. ugh. that's bad.

  17. Happy Anniversary (a day late!!) I would be happy to postpone my celebration for the Cheesecake Factory!!

    Sorry - I'm not much help with home decor! Sounds like the chalkboard paint would be the least expensive and is relatively simple to do as well as easy to change for the new homeowners.

    Have you e-mailed pictures to your real estate agent and asked his/her opinion? Hopefully they've dealt with similar issues and might have some advice. (Can you tell my husband used to be in real estate???)

  18. Thanks for stopping by Babblings of a Mommy! I'm following you back.


  19. I would ask your realtor first. I think I would go with a non permanent solution here. Definitely not chalkboard paint. I would think that was weird at the end of a cabinet if I came to see your house. I like the calendar or small cork board idea.

  20. P.s. Happy anniversary!! Ours is three days before yours. :)

  21. def cork board. you can get squares of it super cheap. It would make sense to have it there...a place to hang coupons/keys/extra photos/dr. appt cards, etc.

    do not paint with chalkboard paint.


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