Tuesday, August 31, 2010

No-Fear, No-Fail Peach Jam

Alternately titled, “Yes, I’m telling you to use white sugar.” :)

I mean, I’ll be honest, people: there are times when I eat white sugar.  Let’s just lay that on the table from the get-go!  (And while I’m being honest with you, I totally had french fries and ketchup at a baseball game last night.  It was heavenly. haha) I like Michael Pollan’s philosophy of “Treat treats as treats” - so when I do let myself have white sugar (or other junk), I attempt to free myself from the inevitable guilt-trip that ensues. (Attempt being the key word here.) 

Anyway, if your area is anything like mine, peaches are ridiculously ripe and delicious right now – and relatively cheap.  Two weeks ago I was able to get a bushel of native peaches from a local farm stand for $22 – there were about 50 huge, deliciously sweet peaches in that box. 

I set out to make peach jam and peach cobbler with my loot – plus I had tons of peach slices left over that I froze for the winter.  
 August PA & CT 011

Before you run away, please hear me out on making jam!  Freezer jam is SO easy, an elementary student could do it – no boiling, no sealing, no heavy pots required. 

Here’s all that you need:

any kind of freezer-safe jars or containers with lids or covers
peeled and mashed peaches
lemon juice 
white sugar
I package Ball freezer-jam pectin

August PA & CT 006 
The frozen jars

Follow the directions on the back of the package (which basically involves just slicing, mashing, and stirring.  From start (i.e., unwashed, unpeeled peaches) to finish you need less than an hour, depending on how fast you can slice. (The jam does have to set for 30 minutes after finishing.) The recipe will make you about 5 and a half jars. 

August PA & CT 007

This jam is delicious – I use it to make Luke’s PB&Js or to mix in with his plain yogurt.  Whole-wheat bread, all-natural peanut butter and homemade jam is a great healthy snack or meal for a baby.  Stonyfield Farms’ organic milk and yogurt is made from pastured cows milk, which also makes it a great choice for babies.  August PA & CT 009

I personally enjoy eating it plain, by the spoonful – but I try not to. :)

So far I’ve made strawberry and peach jams with success – anyone else have a favorite fruit to use? 

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  1. i made raspberry jam and also some jalepeno peach jam that tastes OUT OF THIS WORLD when put on a ritz cracker with some cream cheese.... yum!

  2. I love peaches and this jam sounds super easy...my kind of recipe. I bake with organic cane sugar for the most part and substitute it for white sugar all the time. I wonder if they're one in the same? There's my ignorance shining through, ha! It's more brown than white...who knows...it tastes the same to me though ;)


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