Sunday, August 1, 2010


We are basically on a no-spending-except-for-necessities budget right now. My husband didn’t have a lot of work for a while, and then he had to officially quit to devote to time to fixing up our house to sell.

So, I’ve been reduced to spending money out of my change purse. People love it when you pay with 18 dimes, let me tell ya! haha

Seriously, though….I’ve been able to buy some pretty cute stuff with my loose change, which feeds my thrifting addiction even in this “no-spending” time. Everything you see (except for the last picture) was paid for with change. :)

From the flea market:

Glass canning jar with vintage top - $1

july house nyc sales 041 july house nyc sales 044

Cool plastic canister with sliding top (good for rice storage) – $.25

july house nyc sales 039 july house nyc sales 040

2 Pyrex bowls – $.50 (for both)

july house nyc sales 051

From Volunteers of America 50% off day:

Canning tongs- $.65

july house nyc sales 045

Pyrex glass pourer (for creamer, syrup, etc.) – $.45

july house nyc sales 049

Rubber-seal-top glass jar – $.65

july house nyc sales 047

From yard sales:

Gap lounge pants, Old Navy cut offs - $1 each

july house nyc sales 063

Rubbermaid reusable plastic lid – $.50

july house nyc sales 052

“Build a Word” cards for Luke – $.10 (I’ve started collecting preschool/kindergarten items when I can.)

july house nyc sales 050

This last item was bought several weeks ago when I actually had money! haha A local store is going out of business and clearing out everything – Lindsay went in and got this for me for only $3! I absolutely love it for holding pantry items. :)

july house nyc sales 064

So, except for the wire basket, that’s what you can buy for only $5.11! :)

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  1. Woo! You got some great deals. It really pays to hunt for deals.


  2. What fun - and cheap! - finds!

  3. NICE! You really made a haul with your nickels and dimes - I am super impressed! :)

  4. Great job! I can't tell you how many times I have dug in the bottom of my purse to find enough change for something at a garage sale!


  5. So fun!! There's nothing better than finding something great for a dime!

  6. I have done that before. Limited my spending at yardsales on just the change I had laying around. It is really fun and makes finding things a challenge and keeps you from buying things that you add "to do" list that never get done. Thanks for sharing.

  7. you are amazing friend

  8. Good deals, girl! LOVE that wire basket. :) Thanks for the visit! :)

  9. Great finds. I adore the wire basket. I kinda want one. ;)

  10. What a great bargain hunter you are...great finds, especially Gap shirt!

  11. Doesn't it make the find even better when you know you spent "no money" for it!
    During the winter when there are no sales around me I save any change I get from a dollar (spent on necessities.) By spring I have enough change saved to fund a good 6 to 8 weeks of yard saling.
    But you can't beat the prices you found and good things.

  12. You made some great thrifty purchases and everything is so super useful too.

  13. You did great!! None of the items you bought were wasteful purchases!! Hope your financial situation gets better soon. I hate for you to miss your thrifting..........everybody needs to thrift.


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