Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I need some furniture advice…

I feel like I’m going through a home-style transformation.  When we first got married, I was all about black, silver, and red.  Crisp and modern.

Over the past few years, I’m definitely morphed into a “brown” kind of girl – there is brown in every room in my house, along with golds, reds, creams, and greens (although our bedroom is soft blue and brown).  It’s warm, but I think I’m getting ready for a change.  Maybe it’s the fact that I have a very active, growing son – my house just feels like it could be infused with a little more color. 

I’ve discovered some wonderful home blogs lately, and now I’m re-thinking the brown.  Do any of you read Edie’s blog, Life in Grace?  I mean, her kitchen is fantastic.  Here’s a picture for you:

I know that I’m personally not brave enough to paint my cabinets turquoise, but I love the concept – it’s a bold, fresh kitchen that still looks homey.  I love it! 

So here’s my dilemma:

I have this great white desk (which I’m planning on keeping white at this moment),

desk 004

And a cool vintage chair to go with it:

ct trip april 025 

Abby had commented in my last post about how great these two would go together, and she read my mind exactly. 

I just can’t figure out what color to paint the chair!  Do I go with a nice, shiny black?  Crisp and classic?  Do I stain it a nice deep brown?  Or do I go with paint – a soft green or a soft blue – or maybe even a soft red?  If I go with color, it has to be soft enough to blend in with my current decor, since I don’t have the money to change everything in my house at once. 

So, any thoughts?  I will take any and all suggestions! :)

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  1. I'd do either a soft green or the distressed black. Cute chair and desk!

  2. I too love Edie's kitchen - but I am also not that brave - though I DO have turquoise walls in our downstairs bathroom! So I guess I'm semi brave!

    I would go with color, green sounds good - maybe something in the celery family?

  3. My two cents: I like the deep brown, or green.

  4. I love the idea of a colored chair. I love the turquoise color from the kitchen! But since you can't redo your whole house... I think soft green or blue would be beautiful! I can't wait to see the finished product!

  5. I am all about the reds. Love them, but lately turquoise has been finding itself into my life. Color makes me happy.


  6. My vote would be to paint the chair green or blue if it will match your room. You could splurge on some fun knobs for your desk drawers at Anthropologie {sometimes they even have some on clearance} to match your painted chair.

    A lot of home accents in our house are black and I am trying to lighten things up a little bit. I am so over the color black.

  7. I'm going through the same phase as you right now too! I'm really tired of all the palm tree stuff in my house!! The sad part is, I need a money tree! lol!

  8. I've been totally obsessed with teal lately. I would love a pop of color with the chair, but I always end up going safe colors so I'm really not good to give advice. ;)

  9. Jessica, I went back into your older posts and saw the light green scrapbook paper you used as the background for the letter "B" in the picture frame- I think that would make an excellent color to paint the chair. It would be subtle enough to complement the white desk, but enough color to show some contrast. And maybe you could even use the artwork you created in the same room to coordinate. Thanks for answering my comment. Let us know what you decide to do w/the chair.
    :-) Sue

  10. Why don't you paint it a distressed black and do a sage green for the rungs and/or the legs!!!

  11. I would leave the chair as is, as it has a very shabby-chic appearance that adds character; instead I would just add a really fun pillow in a bold, colourful print - perhaps find a cast-off sweater at a second-hand store, and make it out of that! Shame to ruin such a lovely, naturally loved chair! Then you could pick up the colours from the new pillow, and spray paint a few old soup cans or coffee cans, as storage, to sit on your white desk. Just my thoughts, hope it turns out well, whatever you do!

    1. I love this idea. What a shame it would be to devalue the chair by painting it. A colorful cushion is easier to change out too.

  12. FYI: I inherited a desk like your when I married, painted Flat Green (ugh). I painted it shiny black. THEN, had it stripped, finding it beautiful Walnut!!! & I have kept it that way. Try & determine what the wood is....then pose your question. good luck.

  13. I'd probably paint it white with Black accents here and there and I would add a small trim of Black to the desk also and then use pillows that where either turquoise or Black white & Turquoise design on them. can't wait to see what you finally decide and the finished project. Good Luck with which ever way you go :-)

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