Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Double-Duty Chalkboard Frame

You may remember that about a month or two ago I showed you a frame I purchased at a rummage sale with the intent to turn it into a chalkboard menu:

Well, I worked on it last weekend and I’m really happy to show you how it turned out!

Painting it with the chalkboard paint was so, so easy. (Although that stuff is 12 bucks at Lowe’s! Craziness!). I researched online before painting and realized that I didn’t need to prime since I was painting a completely flat and smooth surface.

I simply removed the image from the frame and flipped the printed side over. (We really don’t eat in the garage – that plastic plate is chipped so I used it as a paint tray! lol)

may 10 024

I gave it a coat of paint with a roller brush, waited about 10 minutes or so, then came back and gave it a second coat. It dries really, really fast!

I seasoned/cured it (also recommended online) by rubbing chalk all over it before using, then wiping it with a damp paper towel. Then it was ready to write on! I have to say, I think it’s pretty amazing that a piece of paper is now erasable. Wonders of technology, baby!

The only “problem” with chalkboard paint is that it is SO addicting! When I finished my project, I looked through all the rooms in our house to see if there was anything else I could use it on. Even Luke got the side-eye. (Kidding).

Anyway, I told you that it had a double purpose, and this is the part I’m really happy about. I don’t have a recipe holder – I’ve been looking for one at yard sales, but I’ve yet to find one. Then it dawned on me: since this is going above my stove, why not figure out a way to use this to hold recipes? (Clearly I am no artist! ha!)

chalkboard 004

I grabbed a piece of ribbon from my stash and trimmed it to about 4 inches long. I super-glued it to the back of my frame, slightly off-center, to allow for the hanging teeth my DH attached in the back.

may 10 028

chalkboard 008

Then I slid a paperclip through the other end of the ribbon and hot-glued the ribbon around it.

may 10 030

Voila! An instant recipe card holder! And the best part is, since the ribbon and paperclip are so thin, it can easily be flipped behind the menu if I’m having people over or something.

Now you see it……

chalkboard 020

Now you don’t! :)chalkboard 017

I’m not gonna lie, I’m pretty thrilled with how this came out! 2 projects for the price of one – can’t beat that!

Oh, and think of the potential for when I have teenagers! My kids are gonna love me, I just know it. ;)

chalkboard 022

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  1. So, so clever! I love it. Good job!


  2. That looks great girl! I need to make one of those!

  3. Oh my word I LOVE this. I am definitely making one of these. You have great ideas! I am SO glad you post them!

  4. love it! you are such a crafty gal!!! i want a chalkboard in my kitchen!

  5. Ha! I love the last saying the best. Works for me every night! Great job.

  6. Love it! And the recipe card holder is genius!

  7. what a clever idea! looks great!

    {dropping in from new friend friday}

    {behind the purple door}

  8. Visiting from the Girl Creative. I love your idea and how beautifully it turned out. Send some of that creativity my way, okay??

  9. Great chalkboard and love that it holds your recipe while your cooking. I especially love the note about not cooking. I'm with you, sista...

    Partying with you. Stop by for a quick visit if you have time.


  10. I am SO happy that you commented on my blog today!! My whole family and my husbands live in Mountaintop still and we visit there often. Where in NEPA are you living? I am following you now too, i am so excited to get to meet you through your blog!

  11. Very innovative project! Looks like you got a keeper there. Great job!

  12. Nice project. I would love it if you would link this up in Modern Craftswoman Monday. Very well done. Rory

  13. What a fabulous transformation! Love the recipe holder - so clever! Great job. Thanks so much for joining The Sunday Showcase. I greatly appreciate it! hope you have a wonderful week! ~ Stephanie Lynn

  14. Great! I still have not found a letter "B", and now you have me envious of your chalkboard! You are so gifted Jess. Keep up the good work~Mrs.B

  15. What a great idea for the recipe holder!

  16. I like how your chalkboard turned out! You could also write your menu right onto your framed chalkboard for a different look. Check out the chalk ink markers. They are like paint pens but chalk.

  17. Aww how cute! I just found you on Beneath My Heart and wanted to stop by to show some love. I just finished posting at linky party too. Glad I found you. Have a wonderful weekend. Blessings to you!

  18. Hi! I'm stopping by from Beneath My Heart. The chalkboard and the recipe clip is a fantastic idea! What a fun project!

  19. Love this project, and I really love where you put it!

  20. Aren't you clever? Love the little recipe card holder. I have a tin framed bird pic by my stove that I use a magnet to stick my recipes on and I was thinking of painting over him w/ chalkboard paint. Not ready to give him up yet so this might be a great alternative recipe holder idea! Thanks for linking up :).

  21. What a fabulous idea!! I love the recipe card holder also. You are too creative!!

  22. That looks great and I love the recipe idea.

  23. Love the idea of using it as a recipe holder! It's in the perfect spot. :) I'm visiting from Beth's Chalkboard Paint Party. My link is #8 on the list (I linked an older post). :)

  24. Fabulous idea!

    Gotta ask, how did you make your blog header??


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