Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Work Your Wallet Wednesday #4

Hey everybody! A lot of you are new here since the last party, so if you’re interested in joining us, visit this post for all the info!

This weekend, as you already read, I was in Connecticut. My mom and I only got the chance to go to one sale at a local high school gymnasium. I did find a Laura Ashley bed-skirt for $2.50 but I’m not showing the picture because it was more of a necessity rather than something I really liked. And while I did get some fabulous deals at CVS, I am restraining myself decided to give you guys a break from my drugstore finds and show you two things that came to me recently by the way of FREE. That’s how I like to work MY wallet, baby! :)

So my brother dated a wonderful girl a few years ago that my sister and I absolutely loved. They shared a love of the movie It’s a Wonderful Life. (If you know my brother, you know he’s kind of an old soul. haha) Unfortunately, they broke up, and while cleaning out his stuff recently he decided I could have the sign she had given him. If you happen to be reading this, Rachael, I love the sign and wish you were still dating my brother! lol

ct trip april 022

Cute, right? I have seen these for sale at Kohl’s (the price tag on the back reads $29.99).

Now, onto the chair. We came home from church one day to see that my neighbor was giving this away on the side of the road and I went over and snatched it up! I am in looooooove with it. Of course, it wasn’t exactly a casual event. It kinda went down like this (both of us sitting in the car in the driveway, staring at my neighbor’s yard):

Me: “Oh my gosh babe I love that chair!”

Chris: “Okay.”

Me: “Is it white-trash to pick junk off our neighbor’s lawn?”

Chris: “Um, YES.”

Me: “Oh.”


“But you’re gonna come with so I don’t feel stupid, right?!”

ct trip april 025

She needs a good coat of stain and possibly paint (I haven’t decided yet), but the base swivels and I just love how old-school it is! I will probably need to sand the rust. Oh, and don’t mind the mess – this chair is in our office which tends to be a catch-all for all of our stuff, and this is my husband’s corner, which is why you can see his toolbox and his business paperwork!

ct trip april 026

Well, those are my two finds! Show me what you found or purchased this week – can’t wait to see!

Please remember the 3 simple rules:

1. Show items found or purchased for $50 or less (no DIY projects, please!).

2. Link back to my blog so others can find the party (feel free to use the button!).

3. Link only to your post, not your blog as a whole.

Party away! :)


  1. The conversation totally cracked me up! HAHAHAHHA. What our husbands won't do for us!!

  2. Visiting from SITS!
    I love the sign too! It's such a great movie! Great that you got it! Funny story!

  3. Thanks for stopping! I've linked my shopping trip! :) Love the chair by the way! Can't wait to see the after pictures!

  4. what great finds!!! the chair has a bright future ahead!


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