Sunday, May 9, 2010

Church Rummage Sale 5/8

{If you read my last post, yes, I am actually in New York today! I typed this last night. :) }

As I mentioned on Friday, I went to a local church’s rummage sale on Saturday. They hand you a brown paper bag and you can fill it up for $1. Here’s what I scored:

mothers day 2010 025

  1. 2 toys for Luke
  2. Martha Stewart Living Fall 2008 magazine (for inspiration)
  3. Cream fall plate w/acorn detail (I am a little bit obsessed with the fall season)
  4. 6th Season of the Waltons (oh yeah baby – takes me back!)
  5. Solas cd (DH was in a Celtic folk band in college and we love this music)
  6. Soap dispenser (not sure if I’m actually keeping it yet)
  7. Cheese grater
  8. Gravy separator (been looking for one of these bad boys!)
  9. Big apothecary jar (yay!)
  10. 2 mini Christmas trees (can never have too many of these!)
  11. Red ornaments for filler – ditto above
  12. Red hanging thing for Luke’s closet
  13. Bunch of closet organizers (8 total) – not exactly sure how these work but I have a total bin/basket fetish. It’s a really good thing The Container Store is nowhere near here!
  14. Green round tablecloth for Christmas
  15. Mini laundry basket (again on the organization!)
  16. Some awesome fabric from Waverly with French writing all over it – hopefully it doesn’t say anything scandalous? lol The only thing I recognize is the word “le jardin” - if you can read the other words, would you let me know what it says? :)

mothers day 2010 035

Of course I got some clothes! :) (Starred clothes will be sold at the shops; the rest are all for me!)

mothers day 2010 032

  1. Black Ralph Lauren shirt
  2. Old Navy sweatshirt/sweater thing*
  3. Old Navy winter capri/loungers w/tag still on*
  4. Work shorts for the hubs
  5. White Gap dress*
  6. White and cream Old Navy maxi (I am really disappointed this didn’t fit!)*
  7. Striped Old Navy tank
  8. Forever 21 beaded tank
  9. Brown Old navy shirt/Teal Old Navy shirt (winter sleep shirts)
  10. 2-piece skirt suit for my MIL (not pictured b/c I already gave it to her)

So…….I got 35 items, for the grand total of THREE DOLLARS. That equals about 8 cents per item, baby!

My favorites are the Waverly fabric, the RL shirt, the fall dish, and the apothecary jar. Totally would have paid 3 bucks to get these four things at a yard sale!

mothers day 2010 036

I already can’t wait til this church runs their sale again in October! hahaha

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  1. Awesome!!! I love the fabric too! Stay safe on your trip!!!

  2. That Waverly fabric is amazing! That alone is worth $1...major score! :)

  3. Wow! Awesome finds. I seriously hate having Saturday morning class, I cannot wait to get done so I can check out some sales. You are making me totally jealous.

  4. it's just about a wildlife garden (le feuillage dans le jardin sauvage). hard to read some of the words. that handwriting makes my eyes hurt! beautiful fabric--would be beautiful for something summery!

  5. WOW you did find some good treasures. Have a blessed day, Vicky

  6. My favorite is the fabric. Lucky you!!!

  7. Great finds! I love the dish and fabric!

    ~ Tracy

  8. fantastic deals!!! hope new york is treating you well (if you're still there!). the clothes look awesome! i love that you are able to sell some... you are a frugal missy... my kind of gal!

  9. Wow! Great finds... love the fabric ... but I also would be wondering just WHAT that French writing was saying! How funny....
    also LOVE the cream autumn plate; so pretty!


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