Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Work Your Wallet Wednesday: First Ever!

Hey everybody!

I hope you're all ready to show off your bargain finds! This weekend I was able to hit up a high school rummage sale and also found two things at the opening weekend of our local flea market. I though I'd show you a few things I found:

This $2 picture was exactly what I've been looking for - a good sized frame and a flat print behind it - there is a chalkboard menu in my near future! :)

I have been looking for a cheese dome and this one is in perfect condition for $2:

This good-quality shelf came with 2 picture frames for $2. Tag on the back says $24.99.

I've been looking for another tablecloth and this one was perfect for $1.

I don't have an electric skillet and this one was only $2 - the design is a little old-school but it works just fine.

And one of my most exciting finds was a hard-cover Suzanne Somers book for $1 since I just started the diet! Retail price is $25.00 - score!

Our local flea market opened this weekend and it wasn't nearly as busy or full as normal, probably because it was overcast and freezing. I did pick up this little apothecary jar for $.25 - I think that makes my total up to 7 now - I love these things!

I also found this little "Love" sign for $1 - obviously needs to be painted but I'm thinking maybe mod-podged, tea-stained sheet music? (My husband and I are both musicians).

Not bad for $11.25!

Okay, now it's YOUR turn!
I'm so excited to see what you all have been shopping for lately!

Please check out this post if you'd like more info on Work Your Wallet Wednesday.
Otherwise, let's get on with the party!

Please remember the three simple rules for participating:

1. Your finds must be $50 or less (per item) and in an unaltered state.

2. Please link back to this party somewhere in your blog
so others know where to join in if they'd like -
feel free to use the button if you want to!

3. Make sure you link up to your specific post rather than your blog in general.
This makes it so much easier for others to find your entry!
(If you're not sure how to do this, check out comment #1.)


  1. To find the link to your actual post (and not your blog as a whole), simply click on the title of your post. For instance, my post's title is "Work Your Wallet Wednesday: First Ever!" When I click that, the following web address shows up: http://www.thisblessedlife.net/2010/03/work-your-wallet-wednesday-first-ever.html. (You probably see this if you clicked over to my site from a reader).

    Simply copy and paste the code from your post and you're good to go! :)

  2. Thanks for hosting! Can't wait to see what everyone links up.


  3. I've been on the lookout for two things you found; a cheese dome, and an apothecary jar. I think everyone else in my area is on the lookout too because I can never find any! lol


  4. wow... those are some impressive deals! can't wait to see how the chalkboard menu turns out!

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  6. hi there! I linked up a grocery trip I made and got great deals for under $50 on. If this is not ok though, feel free to delete! I don't want to take away from your meaning here. Is it just for antiques and crafty stuff or can it be clothes and jewelry too? Thanks!

  7. Great finds! Love the skillet!

    Thanks for sharing and thanks for stopping by my blog.

  8. @ Heather: Absolutely - any thrifty, untouched purchase goes - as long as it's $50 or less!

  9. yay for Suzanne Somers. You should be happy eating her yummy recipes. Delicious. Our whole family has found success with her.

  10. Hi Jessica!
    Those are some great thrifty treasures! I didn't get to go to yard sales this weekend because we were traveling. Hoping to go this weekend!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. You asked about the dress I wore for Easter. I got it at Marshall's. It is a Calvin Klein dress and was on clearance for $45.00. I've had my necklace and earring for a couple of years, and the shoes were from Payless...$14.99!
    Not too bad.


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