Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Work Your Wallet Wednesday #5

Okay, so…..

It’s Wednesday.

This is the part where I beg ask that if you have ever contemplated linking up to the party, you do so today. Because this puppy’s on life support and I’m about to pull the plug! (Oh that sounded morbid – sorry if you actually have a dog! lol) Today makes or breaks the party, girls! I have seen a few of you link up your groceries and thrifting finds to other parties and not to mine, and I’m not sure why! :) I’m trying not to take it personally! lol

Moving on! :)

This year hasn’t been exceptional for me in the yard sale department yet. I am really trying to be super frugal with my money and make sure I really, really like the item before I bring it home. (This is because I already have about 4 boxes full of “projects” – items that need to be painted or otherwise fixed – already waiting for me!)

So Lindsay and I went an estate sale and 3 church sales last weekend, and my finds are nothing spectacular – mostly organizational/kitchen items - but here you go anyway:

4 white bowls, 50 cents total (I’m transitioning all of my dishes over from black to white or glass – only plates are left to find! Yay!)

yard sales 4 24 10 007

Pasta container and brown bin – not in perfect shape, but great for holding Luke’s pjs downstairs; $2 for both (the tag on the bin says $24.99 – seriously?!):

yard sales 4 24 10 005

Pitcher for iced tea, 25 cents

yard sales 4 24 10 010

“Tupperware” –50 cents:

yard sales 4 24 10 011

I also got a pair of jeans for $1.50 but I’m wearing them and I’m way too lazy to take them off for a photo. :)

So, that’s all! Nothing crazy but all items that I put to good use immediately.


So, what have you shopped for lately?
Please remember the 3 simple rules:

1. Show items found or purchased for $50 or less (no DIY projects, please, or your link will have to be deleted).

2. Link back to my blog so others can find the party (feel free to use the button!).

3. Link only to your post, not your blog as a whole.

Here goes nothing! ;)


  1. Yard sale season hasn't officially started! Maybe just do this every other week if you find it a burden... but it'd be fun to share our finds on here. You gotta give stuff time to catch on! You are as impatient as a 40 wk 3 dy pregnant lady! SMOOOCH!

  2. I've been yard-saling for over a month now! Wow, maybe there is *ONE* perk to living in PA! hahaha Praying for you! Maybe he'll come tomorrow! :)

  3. Hi! I thought I could post the nautical stuff here because it indeed WAS a thrift find at $2 for all of that stuff...so I guess that's why I felt I could link it because you had on here ANYTHING under $50 that you find, even from goodwill. Anyway, sorry I misunderstood!

  4. i'd join in but i haven't been working my wallet much lately! i've been doing zero shopping except for groceries and although i use coupons like a fiend i've discovered that my readers get tired of my coupon rants! ha!

    you got some fantastic deals!!! don't pull the plug... i always love these posts!


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