Thursday, April 29, 2010

Other Blogs…

Wow, this is my 5th post in a week.  Are you getting sick of me yet?  Because I’m a little sick of myself!  haha

I wanted to list two quick things:


First of all, Tina @ Being Made New gave me the “Sunshine” award.  Tina and I “met” through the Ultimate Blog Party a few weeks ago.  (I met SO many new blogger friends through this party – I totally recommend you do it next year!).  Anyway, the Sunshine award is for blogs that “inspire others and show positivity and creativity.”  How sweet! Thank you again, Tina! I am going to break the “rule” and not tag anyone for this award because I did that for the last award and I don’t want to single people out again – it makes me nervous!  lol

Second, the 10-or so of you that were here with me in the beginning might remember that waaaay back in September I won a giveaway. Well, long story short, I finally received it this week.  It’s all water under the bridge and I just wanted to thank Nicole again because I love it!  Nicole distributes for Gold Canyon (I’d never heard of them before, but maybe some of you are familiar with them?), and she sent me the following items:

giveaway 008

- diffuser reeds and oil in “Ginger Lime”
- diffuser glass with 2 options of vinyl decor for the back
- a giant candle in “Moroccan Vanilla”
- a wick dipper
- huge bottle of Homeology All-Purpose (non-toxic) Cleaner

I have to say, that of all of the items I am loving my cleaner the best!  It smells FABULOUS and I love the fact that it’s all-natural and safe for use around Luke (no chemical fumes!).  So thanks again Nicole!

That’s definitely enough out of me – happy weekend! I’ll be back on Monday with thrifting finds – including my first ever “big” piece of thrifted furniture! :)


  1. what a great prize! so glad you got it!

  2. congrats on your well deserved blog award! the giveaway prize collection looks wonderful!

  3. Congratulations on the prize and the award.

  4. Congratulations on your award! It makes my day to receive giveaway prizes in the mail!

  5. Congrats on your award and the prize!! Thanks for helping me celebrate my SITS day on Monday!


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