Thursday, April 15, 2010

Some Bloggy “Housekeeping”

1.  I realized that I never posted my “clean recipe” goals for April. The first one (obviously) was Italian dressing, which I posted about on Tuesday.  The second is granola bars – you are just gonna swoon when you try this recipe – it’s awesome!  It will be posted later in the month. 

2.  I have no idea what happened to Mr. Linky yesterday – half the time I could see it, half the time I couldn’t.  I’m just gonna tell myself that’s the reason there were only two link-ups!  lol I really don’t want to have to kill my own party, guys! :)  Pretty please don’t make me!  I’d love for you to come back next Wednesday and show off those flea market/thrifting/drugstore/grocery deals. 

3.  If you visited from the UBP and I haven’t been to your site yet, please don’t be offended!  I am trying to make it to everyone who came and you guys all left such sweet comments.  I have an extremely active 9-month-old who sometimes makes it impossible to sit down and read blogs for any long period of time – so don’t take it personally!

4.  I’m taking a week-long bloggy vacation – we’re headed off to Connecticut tomorrow for a few days and I don’t usually use the computer while I’m there (at least not to blog).  Crackbook has too strong of a hold on me to let it go that long!  lol I’ll be back next Wednesday with the PARTY (lol) and then Thursday or Friday with my latest house project if all goes as planned. 

I’m looking forward to catching up with some friends I haven’t seen in years (like this lovely lady) this weekend, as well as spending time with family and other close friends and taking Luke to the beach to take some photos of him.  A sweet older woman from our church bought him a 6-9 month sailor outfit (complete with hat!) and I have been dying to get him it in by the water. 

Have a wonderful weekend, bloggy friends! :)


  1. have fun on vaca! I'm your new follower!

  2. Visiting from New Friend Friday! Have a nice trip!

  3. Thanks so very much for your visit! I'm happy that the clock altering how-to was helpful. I am returning your follower!

  4. i hope your vacay was fantastic and that you're enjoying your blog break!!! i'm super excited about the granola bar recipe. : )


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