Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Work Your Wallet Wednesday - 3rd Edition

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Welcome, everyone! Today’s the day to show off those deals! If you’re new here, check out this link to see the party “rules.”

I worked at our local flea market this weekend with Lindsay – we had so much fun but since we were working we didn’t get a chance to scour the deals like we normally do. But we each made a decent amount of money and I can honestly say it was fun talking and bargaining with people! I made $164, which will be yard sale and date money for the next few months. :)

Here we are, bright and early (we got up at 5:15)!

Here’s some of our stuff about two hours in – yup, we just laid it all out there and people just dug their way through it. It wasn’t the prettiest layout but it did the job!

I picked up a few plastic bins (I am obsessed with baskets) and bought a few pieces of fake fruit from Lindsay.

However, the REAL deal of the week was at CVS! I know I showed you my trip last week but I just can’t help myself – it’s too good to pass up! :)

The picture below cost me TWENTY-ONE CENTS! Plus I was given 9 Extra Bucks for my next trip to the store.

Here’s how I did it:

1 Dove Shampoo
1 NutriSkin body wash
5 boxes Puffs w/lotion
1 roll CVS paper towel
1 bath poof
2 Dove milk chocolate bars
(wow, just realized it’s kinda weird that Dove makes shampoo and chocolate! lol)

$2/1 Dove coupon (internet)
$1/1 NutriSkin body wash (internet)
1 $1/1 and 4 $.50/1 Puffs coupons from Vocalpoint
$1/1 CVS paper product (from the red machine)
$1/1 CVS skin care item (from the red machine)
10 EB from last week’s trip
{the two candy bars were thrown in at the last minute for my husband b/c my subtotal was too low at that point to use my Extra Bucks)


$4.50 EB from the Dove
$4.49 EB from the NutriSkin

I can honestly and truly say that were it not for Crystal Paine’s website and learning how to shop at CVS two and a half years ago, there is a good chance I might not have been able to stay at home with my son. Shopping this way has saved us literally thousands of dollars and I am so thankful for her blog!


Now it’s your turn!

Please remember the three simple rules of the party.

1. Finds or purchases must be $50 or less per item and in an unaltered state. (Please no DIY projects – save those babies for the other fabulous parties!)

2. Make sure you link up to your blog post and not your blog as a whole.

3. Please link back here so others know where to join the party (use the button if you’d like!)

Can’t wait to see what all of you have found!


  1. You're making me wish we had a CVS!!! That and Target...such good deals and I can't get them! I'll be happy with my Rite Aid. :)

  2. wow - you did well at the flea market!!! you better have yourselves some good dates!!! and 9 cents?! awesome. i always have cvs goals like that but they end up being out of half of what i need to make the deals work. i know there are rainchecks (but they don't ever get it in all at the same time). blah, blah. sorry. can you tell i have a love/hate relationship with cvs??

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