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My Favorite Things {2013}

Hey everybody!  It’s party time again – hooray! Every year Melissa from 320 Sycamore hosts it {she’s one of my favorite bloggers – even Chris knows who she is now! haha!} and I always walk away with a great new gift idea or something to buy for myself. ;) I’ve joined since 2009 {back when I was a baby blogger…with my first baby!} and I’ve joined every year since.  And, good to know: I still love all the things I did then.  So feel free to browse back in time if you want a little more gift-giving inspiration! {2009201020112012}

My personal philosophy is that everything on this type of list should be affordable and something you can easily go out and buy.  You all know I’m a thriftaholic anyway, so you know I’m not listing anything crazy expensive!  This year all my finds are under $15, with the exception of the boots and the dvd set {and even those are both under $40}.

I can’t wait to sit down later with a cup of coffee and browse through everyone's list….but without further ado…here’s what I’m loving this year!



Wooden Push Pins in the Dollar Section at Target

wooden pushpins 015

Wooden thumbtacks? For $1? It’s amazing what a subtle yet classy difference this makes on a bulletin board – I’m in love!  I have two packs so far.  They’re hard to find, and you have to dig a little, but oh so fun. :)


Jesus Calling by Sarah Young

Yes, I KNOW everyone is already reading this book, but in case you aren’t you should seriously start!  I will say it’s definitely geared more toward women and issues we struggle with more {anxiety, fear about the future, etc.} but I always feel so peaceful after I read the day’s passage and the coordinating Scripture!  Especially if you have little ones at home – this book is a great way to get some simple Scripture into your head you can think about each day. 




One Line A Day: A Five-Year Memory Book

Lindsay got me this last year for Christmas {thank you, Pinterest Wishlist board!} and I absolutely love it.  Each page has enough space for a sentence or two…for 5 years.  (So December 19th has space for memories for 2013-2017.}  I love to jot down family memories or funny things the kids do.  Perfect for busy moms who want to remember little moments! 



Chobani Yogurt Flips {Peachy Pistachio and Dark Chocolate}


I don’t know what it is about this combo but I LOVE IT. is it good!  God bless the person who decided to mix these three random ingredients together but it totally, utterly works.  I don’t buy it all the time {not organic – bummer!}, but it’s a delicious treat for me.  And for the record, I have tried buying regular Chobani peach and adding my own chocolate chips but it is waaaay too sweet.  This peach is just tart enough that you need the chocolate chips.  I have clearly done way too much research into this.  Eat it.  Fall in love with it. The end. :)



Method Glass and Surface Cleaner in Mint

This year I switched a lot of our household products over to cleaner options {see my SUPER easy 5-minute laundry detergent recipe here}.  Method isn’t perfect but I LOOOOOVE the smell of this stuff!  It doesn’t give me an instant headache like Windex does, and unfortunately as much as I’ve tried to go green and use vinegar to clean my windows {even with citrus added} I want to gag.  This mint scent is delish! 




Dr. Bronner’s Liquid Soap {Almond Scent}

Hand soap is something else I’ve “cleaned up” this year.  This scent smells just like the almond cookies my Italian great-grandmother used to make at her house!  Mmmmmm! {Tip: Fill an empty foaming soap pump 1/3 full of castile soap, then 2/3 full of water. This bottle is pricy but it will last you forever this way!}





“Kaylor” Slouchy Boot {in Brown} from Target


Women's Mossimo Supply Co. Kaylor Slouchy Boot - Assorted Colors


You guys, I am way too klutzy to own any kind of footwear made from real leather.  Ever.  I scrape my toes, trip over our brick front step, drop things, spill coffee, you name it.  These boots are super comfy, super cute and super affordable at $39.99!  Also, {I am a dork, but…} I like how they’re a little more loose than other styles and allow for that little gap between your leg and the boot itself.  I just like that look. :) I own the brown and I’m hopefully getting the black from Santa for Christmas!  ;)

{P.S. I went up a half size to allow for my thick winter socks.}



Everything Hummus by Tribe

I love everything bagels.  I love hummus.  I ADORE THIS FLAVOR!  And apparently I’m not the only one…it’s no longer limited – it’s here forever!  Whooo hooo!  {Bonus: it’s a New England company! Yay!}




Savory Thins from Trader Joe’s {to dip in the Everything Hummus}


thrift store finds 009

I blogged about these before…but it’s a match made in snacking heaven. 



Essie Russian Roulette

This is my new favorite holiday color.  It’s that perfect, candy-apple red.  I just got it a few weeks ago and I absolutely love it.  Yes, Essie colors are pricier than some others, but the quality is absolutely so much better!  They really do last for days longer than my other brands.





Parenthood {Season 4 shown here}



I literally cry and laugh every.single.time I watch this show.  Chris loves it too but hates watching it with me most of the time because he “doesn’t want to get sad.”  Haha!  The most realistic depiction of family life I’ve ever seen on a television series.  Why all the actors haven’t won Emmys yet is beyond me!  {Psssst you can watch the first 4 seasons on Netflix and season 5 is on NBC for free right now!}


Okay, that’s my list for this year!  Of course my REAL favorite things are these 3 beautiful people I get to spend my life with! 



If you’re participating please let me know in the comments so I can stop by and visit you, too.  Have a wonderful day!

Psssst…..come back tomorrow for a quick 24 hour giveaway for something you won’t want to live without! ;)


Disclosure: Contains Amazon Affiliate Links.  All opinions are obviously my own!



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  1. Another year, another great list. And I am eating the same hummus right now, but with carrots! Merry Christmas!

    1. Hilarious! We literally have the same great "taste!" haha! Merry Christmas to you too!

  2. What a fun list and I think I want to go shopping now! ( for lunch today I had the Chobani key lime with graham cracker crumbs and white chocolate!)

  3. I love Tribe's original hummus...I just discovered it!

  4. LOVE the Chobani flips. I haven't had the peach one yet, but the Key Lime with White Chocolate is delicious. I don't buy it regularly either, but it makes a really great (and not too bad for you) dessert when you just need a little something.

  5. Enjoyed looking through all of your favorites --- saw a few I'm definitely checking out! Merry Christmas!

  6. I'm definitely going to have to try Dr. Bronner's in the new year - we switched over to Method for some of our cleaning products, but we're still trying to work our way through our soap stash (my MIL loves to buy us sets for Christmas from Bath and Body Works). Come on over to see my favorites!

  7. Yessss I love the Method Glass Cleaner! Awesome stuff and it smells good!

  8. What a great list - you and I have similar tastes it seems.

  9. thanks for stopping by! i do have a bit of thrifting obsession and i loved reading yours (and others) favorite things post. it gives me lots of ideas on new products to try!!

  10. Really enjoyed your list -- and your adorable family photo! Hey, I recognize the boots too, lol.

  11. Method is the best stuff! I need to go to Target and find those push pins. The dollar spot gets me everytime!

  12. Method is da bomb! I am going to try making hand soap this way! I want to go "greener" in 2014. That is one of my many "resolutions". :) Loving everything on your list! Merry Christmas!

  13. Hello, Jessica! You always have the best lists, thanks for joining again. Great tip on the Dr. Bronner's soap and HOW did I miss those wooden pushpins at Target? I need to give you my cell number so you can text me when you see things like that...
    Merry Christmas to you and your family!


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