Thursday, November 19, 2009

My Favorite Things

One of my favorite bloggers, Melissa from 320 Sycamore, is hosting a "My Favorite Things" Party today. It's like a virtual Oprah show - except you just get ideas, not gifts. But still so much fun! The emphasis is on things that you can actually go out and buy - hence the reason why lip balm is on the list but not my husband and son. :)

Here's a few of my favorite things - and all of them but the purse are under $20!

1. My two favorite movies of all time are Little Women and Anne of Green Gables. I've watched them each at least ten times each and they just never get old.

2. Coconut Cream Organic Lip Balm by Alba. I found mine at CVS, but I also discovered it at Target yesterday. If you are a coconut addict like me, you will adore this. And probably lick it off your lips. And then put it on again. Which is probably why they stay in business, come to think of it. MMMmmmmm......

3. Speaking of Target, I could buy one of everything in there. Love. (Tomorrow I will be posting Target finds for Frugal Friday!)

4. I have a degree in vocal music education, and one year of college I was in our university's Jazz Singers ensemble. My director turned me on Kurt Elling. My husband got me his cd, "Nightmoves," for my birthday last year. Girls, I'm telling you, this voice is like melted chocolate.

5. Last time I was up visiting my parents, my mom introduced me to the 35 calorie Laughing Cow cheese wedges. They're cute and taste great - and only 1 point on Weight Watchers!

6. Starbucks - do I really need to say more?!

7. There is a long story attached to this purse, but suffice it to say that I didn't pay for it (and no, I didn't steal it!) It is "Katie" from Nine West. Love.

Katie Tote

8. I needed a shirt for upcoming Christmas photos - and I found this shirt from Kohl's - aka the perfect plaid shirt. It is definitely not pink - it's crisp red and black and it has pleats on the front and a little tie in back. I absolutely, positively, love it.

9. Godiva makes Extra Dark Chocolate Truffles. These are the best thing I have ever eaten. Ever. Period. I'm not kidding you - I eat them and I think I involuntarily moan! lol If you have a serious chocolate lover on your Christmas list, these babies are perfect. If you're looking to be engaged this Christmas, also perfect.

(The extra dark is the one at the bottom - they're always covered in cocoa dust.)

10. If you have a new baby or someone with a baby on your Christmas list, you cannot go wrong with the Baby Einstein DVDs. We don't have tv, but there are times when our 4-month old will absolutely not calm down for anything else but these. I don't know what it is about them, but they are absolute magic for babies and new parents.

And a peaceful house might just be my favorite thing of all. ;)

Hope you enjoyed the list - I had so much fun making it! I'd love to know if you've tried anything on the list and love it too!


  1. Godiva, Laughing Cow, oh my!! I'm going to look up that Mr. Kurt Elling today... thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Love the Nine West purse & shirt! Hubby & daughter are "serious chocolate lovers" and look forward to Godiva in their stockings :-)

  3. I also love Target and Starbucks. And, Nine West purses are just plain cool. Lastly, I love clothes and the plaid top you got is really sweet. Good pick!


  4. I love Target too. Everything there is wonderful, especially when it's on sale or even better, clearance. I'm going to have to try that lip balm. That chocolate looks so yummy.

  5. Love Target and Laughing Cow Cheese!! Missed those on my list.

  6. I purchased the South Beach Diet book at a yard sale this summer and announced to my DH that we were both going on a diet. They introduced me to Laughing Cow cheese on the diet. I't so good I'm still buying it and we're not dieting any longer.

  7. I LOVEEEE Target- and my girls do too. How many four year olds do you know ask for Target gift cards for their birhtday? Mine did. lol. Several people have mentioned Starbucks- I just visited one for the first time ever last Saturday night with friends. I'm not a coffee drinker so I never sought one out. lol. But their strawberry banana smoothie was delcious.And their double chocolate brownie. :)

  8. love your list Jess! thanks for sharing - I just made a list too thanks to you! =)

  9. A great list! That purse is lovely and you've got me wanting to hear that cd! Thanks so much for joining today~

  10. I love that shirt! I hope they carry them at our Kohl's here in town.

  11. loved the post! Laughing cow Creamy Swiss is my fave!

  12. LOVE your list!
    I too, love coconut!! MMMMmmmmm, makes me hungry for a lovely dessert with coconut! (and chocolate together!!)


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