Thursday, December 13, 2012

My Favorite Things {2012 Edition}

Hey everybody!  Melissa at 320 Sycamore is hosting her annual Favorite Things party, and I'm back for the fourth year in a row to join in on the fun!  {ETA: I’m joining The Nester’s $15 and under party, too, since the majority of these items fit that category.  So fun!}  I love browsing other people's favorite lists and getting neat gift ideas - so if you're participating, too, definitely leave your link in a comment so I can come visit you! 

It's funny - as I was thinking of this year's list I decided to look back at my previous posts from years past.  I have to say that everything I've liked before I still really like and/or use.  At least I'm consistent - and honest!  haha :)

So without further ado, here's what I'm loving in 2012:


{1} Leopard Flats from Target

Women's Mossimo® Ona Ballet Flat - Assorted Colors

I blogged about these flats before, but I really am obsessed with them!  Such a fun and inexpensive way {$15!} to add a little something extra to an outfit.  I'm a traditional-style dresser all the way, so I love when I can find a pattern that also acts as a neutral.  


{2} "Lovely" by Sarah Jessica Parker


  Lovely Sarah Jessica Parker Eau de Parfum Spray 1.7 oz

This made the list in 2010, but I'm bringing it back because thanks to an amazing Living Social deal I have a big bottle of it again!  I have absolutely NO idea how to describe a perfume scent to you {?} but it really is lovely.  Promise. ;)


{3} It's a 10 Miracle Leave-In Product, Mane and Tail Shampoo and Conditioner, and John Frieda Frizz Ease Secret Weapon



I’ve had very fine, damaged hair since I had Luke in 2009.  These products, plus a round brush and my hair dryer, are my trifecta of hair products.  Believe me, I’m not gonna win any hair awards in Texas, but my hair is a LOT fuller looking than it was 3 years ago (aka no more drowned rat look for Mommy!).  


{4} Old Navy Maternity Jersey-Stretch Tanks

  Maternity Jersey-Stretch Tanks

I can’t tell you how much I have been loving these tanks for this pregnancy.  I have 4 different colors, and I appreciate them for the fact that they actually COVER my belly all the way and allow me to wear all my non-maternity cardis over them.  They’ve really helped stretched my maternity wardrobe this time around (no pun intended! ha.ha.)


{5} Indigo Blue Straight-Cut jeans from Motherhood

Indigo Blue Petite Secret Fit Belly(r) 5 Pocket Straight Leg Maternity Jeans


One more maternity item: I love these jeans (I got them for only $29.99 so maybe wait for a sale?).  I am really short and I love that the panel on these comes all the way over my belly and very comfortably.  I’m usually not a fan of Motherhood’s products – to be blunt, I think they’re cheaply made and ridiculously overpriced – but these pants actually fit my body type and don’t fall down my hips and butt.  WIN-WIN FOR ALL, my friends.


{6} Downton Abbey

I feel like I was the last girl on planet earth to get into this show, but I’m soooo glad I did.  OBSESSED.  I love that it’s so interesting and sucks you right in but – hey novel idea here! – there’s no raunch factor.  They don’t have to keep upping the ante each time to bring you back – it’s good enough on its own.  LOVE.  {Also I know that Season 3 isn’t coming out until January on PBS but I may or may not have watched it already online which according to friends may or may not be legal?!  lol  But I mean you can order all 3 seasons on DVD if you want…I’m just saying…}


{7} Salted Caramel Chocolate Pretzel Bark

{via The Legume Loyalist – recipe here}

People, according to my BFF (and she’s right!) this should be re-named Christmas Crack.  It’s killer.  And so easy!


{8} Pampered Chef Paring Knives

I haven’t always had the best luck with Pampered Chef products, but I got these paring knives (they come in a set of 3) from my sister-in-law last year and I still love them! I use them every day.


{9} Bloom {Kelle Hampton} & Heaven is Here {Stephanie Nielson}


This year two of my favorite bloggers came out with books, and they did not disappoint.  Kelle writes at Enjoying the Small Things and Stephanie writes at NieNie Dialogues.  Both fabulous books and I highly recommend!  {My local library had both so check yours out, too!}


{10} Alexia Spicy Chipotle Sweet Potato Fries


One of the downfalls of eating a mostly unprocessed and whole foods diet is the lack of convenience foods – unless you want to pay an arm and a leg.  These fries are some of our favorites – I like them dipped in organic ranch or organic ketchup (or…maybe sometimes both?! haha).  You can find them at Target or most grocery stores.  Yum-o. 


{11} Anthropolgie’s Latte Bowls and Homegrown Initial Mug



I’ve joked before that Target is my happy place, but Anthro is like the store equivalent of my Christmas and my birthday rolled into one.  While paying $238 for a sweater has never appealed to me, their kitchen section is super affordable and when you're in the kitchen as much as I am, having their products just makes everything so much happier.  I have their latte bowls in mint {I think the color got discontinued?} and their “J” intial mug.  Love!


{12} Thirty-One Utility Tote

Organizing Utility Tote

I bought this Thirty-One Organizing Utility Tote last year at a friend’s home party (I have the brown dots pattern) and I LOVE it as a Mom.  It’s big enough that I can put my entire purse and my 3 coupon booklets in there when I head to the grocery store, plus Luke’s cup and snack in the sides.  It’s so practical and durable! 


So there’s my 2012 list!  Visit the parties to see what other people are loving this year!


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  1. Those sweet potato fries look delicious, I'll definitely have to try them out! Funny, I almost put Downton Abbey on my list too! So glad you still love your latte bowls from Anthro :)

  2. I laughed when I saw your first thing. I just bought those shoes! Unfortunately, my feet did not like them. I wore them for about 30 minutes around the house and knew that I wouldn't last for any longer. I was so disappointed because they're adorable! I have yet to find a pair of cute flats that are comfortable.

    1. Oh no! I had to go up a 1/2 size for Target's flats to make them ok on my feet. Maybe that would help? I love them so much I want them to work for you! lol

  3. Fun stuff! I put Downtown Abbey on my list, too! I'm going to have to try those spicy sweet potato fries! YUM! -Tara from

  4. What a fun list! I might have to check out those hair products. This last baby has messed my hair up more than the other two--maybe it's boys?? Have a great weekend!

  5. Stopping by from Nester's and love your list!! In fact, I'm having to run out the door but want to come back and check out your links!! I saw those shoes at Target and they didn't have my size! boo! But I did get some super cute gray ones instead. :)

  6. I've seen those anthro bowls everywhere! They are adorable. I'm staying away though because I'm already addicted to fiestaware.

  7. I love sweet potatoe fries too. Maybe I should have added them to my list too. Love the flats from Target too.

  8. Jessica, I am courious about your 3 coupon booklets. I am new at using coupons. Are they notebooks?

    1. Hello anonymous! lol I use 3 small file folders (They have about 10-12 pockets each, and I'd say they're about 6" by 4" - sorry I'm too lazy to get them right now! haha). One holds my food product coupons, one holds my household and beauty product coupons, and the third holds slots for each store (like the 3 grocery stores I go to, Target, and then a slot for other stores like Michael's, Bed Bath & Beyond, etc.) I put the coupons I know I'll use in the store's slot before I walk in so they're ready to go, but I always bring in my others in case there's a deal I see that I wasn't aware of or something's randomly on clearance. I've been using this system for a while now and it really works for me - hope that helps! :)

  9. I have those latte bowls! I love them. And the same ballet flats. I wear them all the time. Thabk you for sharing your favorite things this year. Loved it! Liz

  10. You're the third person I've heard recommend Mane and Tail. I see it in the drugstore and I've always been afraid to try it, but I think I will now. Thanks!

    And that salted caramel pretzel bark recipe looks to die for. Although I don't know if my scale will thank you for sharing that. ;)

  11. Hey Jessica! I decided to stop by and return the visit :)
    I immediately downloaded the bark recipe --looks fabulous! I also love Target and Anthro. The bowls and fries are awesome!

  12. Oh, you never disappoint, Jessica! :) How could I leave Downtown off my list?? I just got those latte bowls from a very generous secret santa friend and I am in LOVE. They will be on the list next year. :) Merry Christmas, sweet girl!!


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