Monday, December 3, 2012

My Christmas Mantel(s) 2012

Hey everybody!  Between Thanksgiving and all of us having colds I haven’t blogged for a while – but you’ll be seeing me more regularly this month because there’s lots of fun parties to link up with over the next few weeks! 

Today is all about mantels.  I use the word mantel super loosely here because we don’t have a fireplace mantel or even an entertainment center to decorate.  Annnnnd I wasn’t really sure what space in my house to call a “mantel” since there are two places I change up every season – so you’re getting both.  Lucky, lucky you.  :)

This year I have been craving neutral colors in my Christmas decorating.  Reds and bright colors are not appealing to me right now – maybe because my pregnant brain is always on top speed so I need calm things to look at?!  lol

In a few weeks the Nester will do her annual tour of homes and you’ll get to see the rest of the house, but for now, here’s two Christmas-y spots in our home:

The entryway hutch is the first piece of furniture to greet you when you come in the front door.

mantels 2012 011


The “wreath” is really a garland I got recently at Hobby Lobby (p.s. we just got a Hobby Lobby an hour away!  It was a happy, happy day – on par with birthdays and Christmas in my world.).  It was 50% off the day I went and I just love it.  I didn’t use wire or anything – I just twisted it and put some sheer gold ribbon around the top to attach it to the hutch.  Seriously could not have been easier! I LOVE having the pop of green against the wood – I just might leave it up all year round!


mantels 2012 008  mantels 2012 014



On the bottom I have my favorite thrifted Goodwill lantern and my beloved $13 Willow Tree Set.  I used scraps of burlap I had already and just wove them in and out of the figurines.  It reminds me of big fettuccine noodles – did I mention I’m 7 months pregnant?!  lol


mantels 2012 009


The other spot I routinely change out for the seasons is on top of my husband’s grandmother’s antique bookcase (say that five times fast!). 

mantels 2012 018


I added the Dollar Tree ornament garland I made last year to the artwork to give it a little bling. 

mantels 2012 020


On one side I have two burlap trees I made years ago and a gold bottlebrush tree that’s only $5.99 this year at Target (love!).  The combination of rustic and glitter makes me so happy (I am a total dork but that is completely true! haha)


mantels 2012 019


On the other side I have my mini collection of bottlebrush trees (all but two – you’ll see those in a few weeks).  I love how they’re slightly quirky – I’m always on the lookout for more!). 


mantels 2012 021


So there’s my two “mantels” for 2012.  Thanks for peeking in! If you’d like to see more of our living room, just click here. :)

mantels 2012 022  mantels 2012 018


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  1. LOVE it Jess! you are sooo talented "B:

  2. Both vignettes are lovely! The Wiloow Tree set was quite a bargain and I love the ornament swag!!

  3. This looks so pretty. I love the garland into wrath. And the ornament garland. I'm also a huge fan of the burlap.

  4. Love the wreath, it looks adorable and I definitely need to go check our Target out for those trees! It all looks so great, you did a great job!

  5. I have the same nativity set! Love all your simple touches of Christmas- so pretty!

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