Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Tour of Homes {2012}

{Before I start, let me just say that there is no easy or classy way to transition from the horrific events of last week to a “normal” blog posting routine again.  My mommy and teacher heart is still grieving for those families and the intense suffering they are going through.  I posted on Facebook last week that even though there is unspeakable evil in the world, I believe that the light of God shines brightest in the darkness.  Over the past week, I have seen SO many amazing stories and videos and pictures of people doing wonderful things and coming together in the face of this horror.  Prayers are still with all of those still in mourning.}

And because there is really no good way to do it…I’m just going to dive right into this post. 

I’m a day late and a dollar short to these Christmas parties, but oh well!  This is what happens when you’re 8 months pregnant at Christmas – some things just don’t get done quickly.  Okay make that nothing gets done quickly.  haha!

This year I left more than half of my decorations in the boxes.  My mind just craved uncluttered and simple.  Plus my smart husband reminded me that whatever I took out of the box would need to be put back into the box even closer to my delivery date.  Smart, smart man! ;)

Some of these pictures you already saw in my “mantel” post, but I figured I’ll show them again here so they’re in once concise spot.  Oh and if you’re new here, nearly everything in my house is from the thrift store! It’s the only way I can afford anything my favorite way to shop. 

Come on in! :)

Here is our “hutch” {aka dresser} in our “entryway”  {aka living room} – I love to make things sound fancier than they are, apparently! ;)

mantels 2012 011


Another shot you saw previously…this is on top of the mini bookcase in the living room.


mantels 2012 018

If you’d like to see more details on my “mantels,” including links to the burlap trees and the ornament garlands I made, you can hop on over here. 


The little tree in front of the window is actually from JoAnn’s this year.  Those brassy deer were a yard sale find years ago and I still love them.

christmas house 2012 005


I took some embroidery thread and hung some gold snowflakes along the front window to add a little sparkle. 

christmas house 2012 025


One of my favorite finds: my $5 Pottery Barn mercury-glass tree.  I filled the old canning jar with 2 packs of jingle bells from the Dollar Tree. 

christmas house 2012 003


Still love my little Goodwill pillow from a few years ago!  So cute. :)

christmas house 2012 023


Our tree has NO topper this year because of my two choices of bows from years past, neither one appealed to me.  Weird, I know..but that’s how it is for 2012.  We got a Fraser fir (I think that’s what it’s called?) for the first time and we love the way it smells AND the fact that its soft needles aren’t scary for our son to touch (he has sensory issues and this tree has been awesome for him this year!).  Oh and if it looks like it’s balding and lopsided, you’re totally right – he keeps jacking the ornaments left and right!  haha

christmas house 2012 018


I am loving my sweet little boy’s school ornaments this year!  I am totally a sentimental mom and I will be displaying these every year until they fall apart on me! 

christmas house 2012 019  christmas house 2012 024


We made salt dough ornaments together, too. He had so much fun helping me cut them out and then paint them. I love that he calls them “bunamints.”

christmas house 2012 020


His little corner.  :) I know the frames might seem a little tacky but I think they’re cute! A little red tree holds the coasters. 

christmas house 2012 007


A little chalkboard sign I made above our kitchen sink – yup, the words are starting to run and I haven’t fixed it yet! :)

christmas house 2012 010


On the kitchen island…aren’t those vintage ornaments super cute?  Church sale find!  :) Oh and those candle holders are EMPTY because I never got around to finding candles to fit them.  Are you starting to feel better about yourself yet?!  haha

christmas house 2012 014


This year I decided to hang our cards over my chalkboard.  It’s a little cluttered looking, but I really like it.  The twine was 30 cents from Target clearance this fall and the clothespins you’ve seen before on here  - Michaels!  The ornament garland I made last year. 

christmas house 2012 011



Moving on to the bathroom…this chalkboard print was a free printable!  I liked keeping this display pretty neutral. 

christmas house 2012 015


My little vintage enamelware bowl filled with more of the vintage ornaments and pinecones. 

christmas house 2012 016



Keeping it real:  I took down the fall leaves from my homemade wreath and put nothing back in their place.  So now I have a brown wreath hanging from a brown burlap strip on a brown front door.  If that doesn’t scream happy holidays, I just don’t know what does, people!  lol!

christmas house 2012 004


And last but not least, our Christmas card this year! 

christmas house 2012 026


Merry Christmas to all of you – and thanks for visiting this pregnant girl’s house! :)





  1. Wishing you all the best with your soon to be new little addition to your family. Your home is lovely. You have the Nativity that I want, and hope to get one of these days.

  2. Beautiful beautiful! I just love seeing other people's homes at Christmas! I especially love your top of the bookcase and hutch displays ~ just lovely! Oh, and the chalkboard!!

    And congratulations on your new baby arriving soon! Yes, that would most definately make a difference for me in how much stuff I would take out of boxes!! :)

    Merry Christmas!

  3. Ok so just from the deer and vintage ornaments in these photos I think we should become fast friends. I have the exact same brass deer set:)
    Your home is lovely and I cant wait to read more of your blog:) Have a very Merry Christmas!


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