Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Pinterest-Inspired Dinner Party

My sister is home for the week visiting and I told her I thought it would be fun to cook a bunch of foods we’d been wanting to try on our Pinterest boards and then serve them up to our family.  She thought it sounded like lots of fun so we started browsing our boards and came up with only one rule: it had to be a Pinterest recipe we’d never tried before. 


Well…we tried!  lol  But here’s the deal:

Our dad and brother won’t touch anything with sour cream, mayo, cream cheese, or cottage cheese.

My husband hates coconut.

Our mom can’t handle spicy foods.

Our sister-in-law doesn’t eat red meats. 

SO.  haha

After going back and forth, we decided to break our own rule and make the entrée something that my sister had made before.  Other than that, we made 4 other new dishes. 


It was SO much fun!  You could totally get together with friends and have a cooking day, or do this or with your sister or mom.  Jill and our friend Sara came over at 2 and we served dinner at 6 – so it really wasn’t that big of a time commitment. 


Here’s what we served, how we tweaked it, and what the family thought of it all:

1.  Southwestern-Style Egg Rolls

summer 033


What we changed: I nixed the spinach (sounded gross) and forgot the chiles at the store (although I did add in green Tabasco sauce).  Once we got the hang of it, the wrappers were pretty easy to do (my sister is a wonton-wrapping genius!  :). 

Family votes: IN LOVE
Personal vote: 3 out of 5

These were good but Jill and I weren’t wowed.  We thought they were a little bland.  Although they’re different than your usual appetizer, so that was fun!


2.  Quick and Easy Salsa

summer 033

What we changed: added a little more garlic; left out the jalapeno (for Mom); left out the honey because I like savory salsa, not sweet; used a small amount of cilantro. 

Family votes: IN LOVE.
Personal vote: 5 out of 5

This salsa is aaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmaaaaazing.  I want to eat it every day of my life.  I will be making it over and over and over again! *Note: it’s still pretty spicy, even without the jalapenos.*


3.  Chicken Enchilada Soup

summer 036


This is where we had to cheat a little; my sister had already made this before, but because she and her husband loved it so we used it because it fit all of the family criteria.  lol

What we changed: used regular chili powder, not ancho; nixed the jalapenos (again, for mom); didn’t use cojita cheese and just used all pepper-jack instead.  We tried cooking this on the crockpot and after four hours the veggies were still crunchy so we ended up just finishing it on the stove.   Next time I will just cook it on the stovetop to begin with. 

Family votes: IN LOVE.
Personal vote: 4.5 out of 5

I love Mexican food so it’s hard for me to be disappointed.  This was very good, especially when topped with pepper-jack, a little sour cream, and some crushed up chips.  I think it was even better today for lunch.  Definitely going to be making it again!  We also served it with corn muffins (not from Pinterest). 


4.  Chewy Lemon Snowdrops

summer 035


What we changed: salted butter instead of unsalted because I didn’t have any (just added less salt); honey rather than agave.

Family votes: Very good
Personal vote: 4 out of 5

I’m usually not crazy about lemony desserts, but I do have to say that these were pretty delish.  I recommend cooking them for 10 minutes (the recipe says 10-15) because they will continue to bake a little after you pull them out and I think they are better soft rather than on the crispy side.  Nice for summertime!


5.  Reese’s Peanut Butter Bars

summer 034

What we changed:  nothing (I normally buy all-natural peanut butter but for this I would recommend regular, creamy peanut butter.  Go big or go home, baby.)

Family votes: IN LOVE.
Personal vote: 5 out of 5

These are to die for.  No like literally I think they could put you into cardiac arrest!  lol  They are super rich and creamy and have that “authentic” Reese’s cup taste.  Sure, they’re not a health food, but everyone LOVED them – even our brother, who usually hates chocolate desserts.  You can’t go wrong if you bring these to a party!  And they are so rich that you could totally get away with making half a pan and cutting them into small, bite-sized squares. 


So that was our night!  We had a lot of fun with family and it was fun to check out some recipes we’d been wanting to try and add some new ones to the repertoire. 

Now I have to stare at the Reese’s bars in my fridge all day and will myself not to eat them.   I may have to name this baby Jif.  Or Skippy.  ;)


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  1. I vote for Skippy! ha!!

    Such a fun party idea. I want to try that sals. Looks good. Eat a pb bar for me!

  2. love this idea and your recipes sound SOOOOO yummy! I will have to try a pinterest night, I love that! =)

  3. What a fun idea!! The recipes sound delicious!


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