Friday, August 17, 2012

Thrifted {and Other} Finds

Last weekend, since my sister was home (yay!), the two of us and our mom went shopping on Saturday morning.  We hit up a maternity consignment store (no luck), a Goodwill, and the outlets. 

Since we moved in last year to a smaller house than our PA house, I really try to be careful about what I bring in.  We simply don’t have a ton of storage space and since I don’t want to have my friends anonymously calling TLC to get me on Hoarders, I really try to be careful.  I’ve had 3 yard sales in a little over 14 months and somehow I still find things to get rid of…which is a good thing. :)

Anyway, I don’t yard sale or go thrifting as much because it gets soooo tempting.  But I was super happy with what I found on Saturday!

shopping 001


Love this J.Crew belt for wearing this winter around a cardigan and reigning in the belly! lol It was $2.99.

shopping 003


This J. Crew sweater-shirt {$3.99} obviously isn’t maternity but it is loose enough that I can totally wear it now and in early fall – it’s a size bigger than I normally buy and it works great.  Love the button detail on the sleeve. 

shopping 004


Ironically, I didn’t find a single nice piece at the maternity consignment store but at Goodwill I managed to find a brand-new Liz Lange brown long-sleeved tee for $4.99!  :)

shopping 005


I think my heart stopped beating for a second when I saw these mugs.  My friend Becca has them and every time we go to their house for small group I stare at them jealously lovingly.  $3.96 for all four!  They make me so happy! :)

shopping 006shopping 007


I hit the OshGosh outlet about two times a year to scout out stuff for Luke.  With a sale and coupon their clothes are reasonably priced, plus they are such good quality!  I had a coupon this time for 25% off a $40 purchase or more.  I didn’t buy a lot, though, because I am heading to a big kids’ consignment sale in RI at the end of September and I can’t beat those great prices!  So I just bought a few things.  I really try to get most of Luke’s clothes from thrift stores, yard sales, or consignment shops.  But if I ever do buy from a retail store, my goal is no more than $5 for a shirt and $10 for pants.  I met my goal! :)


Everything below was $38 after tax (dang CT clothes tax we have now!):

shopping 009

I love, love, love their long-sleeved t-shirts and their athletic pants for boys.  The button-up shirt was on clearance for $6 (plus another 25% off), and right now it’s a contender for the first day of school outfit. :)

You better believe my boy is going to be rockin’ that “I heart Mom” shirt for Valentine’s Day at school. ;)


I had a fun day of shopping that didn’t break the bank! And it was fun to spend time with my sissy while she’s here visiting.  Have a great weekend, everyone!

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  1. Yay that mugs are amazing! I spotted them right off in that first pic! Glad you had so much fun!

  2. You found some really nice things. I love those Pier 1 mugs.


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