Monday, August 27, 2012

A Silly Question–But I Want Your Input!

Okay, so here goes. :)

This week, the first day of school for our town is Wednesday.  However, for the preschool students (like Luke), Wednesday is a special day – it’s called “Meet and Greet.”  Instead of a regular school day, the kids come with their parents and it’s a short session.  Luke will meet and play with the other kids in his class while Chris and I learn more about the program, get parent handouts, etc. 

Thursday will be his first day at school without us – he goes for the whole time alone.  Chris is already going into work late on Wednesday so that he can attend the parent session, so he’s not going to go in late on Thursday, as well.  It will be just be me getting Luke dressed and sending him off. 

SO.  (Just hear me out – I’m a mom and ex-teacher and trying hard not to be a perfectionist anymore but sometimes it gets the better of me!  lol)

If I wanted to take a picture of Luke with “First Day of Preschool” signs, should I do it on Wednesday or Thursday?  The town considers Wednesday the first day of school, plus I’ll have Chris here too, so he can help me get in some pictures with Luke, etc.  Or would you wait until he’s actually going to school by himself on Thursday to consider it his first day? 

And furthermore, which day would you put him in his cute “back to school” outfit?  lol



  1. I would take the pics on the first day ... that way you have Chris's help and you can take the pics when Luke is more relaxed b/c you are still there. If he's upset at all on Thurs it might mess up your picture taking plans.

  2. Wednesday is the first day whatever the format. Pics, clothes, etc should all be done on this day. :o)

  3. Wednesday too! :) Also, not that you need another thing to do... but the super cute photo idea I am in LOVE with is to put Luke in one of Dads shirts (a cute one you like)... keep the shirt through the years, and have him wear it every year for a picture (not necessarily on the first day, but around)... a couple of my friends are doing this and it's forming the most adorable keepsake picture to document them growing through the years...

  4. Definitely Wednesday - that way it's done and out of the way so you're not stressing about it for an extra day! Luke will never remember which day it was :)

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