Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentine’s Décor Around Our House

Hey guys! Nope, I didn’t fall off the face of the earth!  Just a verrrrrry busy few weeks for us, that’s all.  So busy that we completely took the day off today, even from church.  And we are all still our pajamas!  Love it! 

I do try to decorate for every holiday, but for Valentine’s day I keep it pretty simple. When we have older kids that know what the day means, I will emphasize it more, but for now it’s pretty basic.  But I can’t let a holiday go by without some acknowledgment – it’s the teacher in me.  Especially if the holiday involves PINK! haha


luke and v-day 022

Here’s what you see when you first walk in our door.  The small watercolor print was a freebie sent by e-mail via Jones Design Company.  (You can sign up for her e-mails on her blog!  Love her!). 

The larger heart was done by Luke.  I love it!  Originally, I taped a heart over a piece of paper and was hoping that when I pulled the heart off, all you would see is a white outline of a heart (kinda like the smaller print).  Unfortunately, it didn’t really work out the way I wanted it to, so I just decided to stick with the smaller heart and frame it.  I think I actually like this way better!


luke and v-day 015

{Here’s my little boy painting.  Oooooh do I love him!}

In the bathroom I framed this adorable (free!) subway print, courtesy of Bonjour Blog via Pinterest.  How cute is that?! And I call Luke “love bug” all the time, so that’s a fun little touch. 

luke and v-day 027


In the kitchen I changed the chalkboard over from a Christmas verse to a “love”-based verse.  That chalkboard was a piece of the most hideous abstract art from Goodwill you’ve ever seen, but it’s super sturdy so I just rolled chalkboard paint on it this past summer and now it works perfectly. 

luke and v-day 024


On the stove I just have a heart-shaped plate from Goodwill with a Goodwill candle on top.  Super simple.

luke and v-day 025


In the living room I have a little wannabe-mantel going on (and it is IMPOSSIBLE to get good lighting since it’s right in front of the window – sorry!).  You can see my Valentine’s mantel from two years ago here. 

luke and v-day 023

I used a lot of the same elements from two years ago (remember I couldn’t decorate for Valentine’s day last year since we didn’t have our house yet!). 


luke and v-day 029

The thrifted Eiffel Tower was brought back out, along with the XOXO from TJMaxx (one of my favorite shopping finds EVER!).  I wrapped some pink tulle that I got at a yard sale forever ago around the letters, and took some of my bracelets that had pinkish hues and wrapped them around the votive candle. 


luke and v-day 030

You can see how I made the vintage-looking prints here. 


luke and v-day 031

The plate is also thrifted from Goodwill and the little birdie was only $2.99 at Target!  (Totally will be reusing it for springtime, too.) 


So there you go!  Pretty basic but still marks the holiday going by. 

My goal is to be back tomorrow – see you then!  Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

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  1. I have the same free printable that you have in your bathroom! It's one of my favorites :) Love the heart that Luke painted for you, so sweet! Yay for Valentine's Day! xoxo


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