Monday, February 13, 2012

Miscellany Monday {15}– Our Weekend

As of Saturday, we are officially “ONE AND ONE” in our adoption process! What that means is that we have ONE parenting class and ONE home visit left until we are good to go! Whoo hooo!!! (We are still waiting on our fingerprints to come back from the state but those are estimated to be ready about March 7th.)

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Our social worker – who is awesome, by the way – said that he thinks we’ll be ready by mid-March. I’m saying April 1st so I don’t get my hopes up. (haha) We are SO ready to welcome another kiddo into our house!



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I painted my nails yesterday.  It’s seriously ridiculous how grown-up I feel with dark nails.  hahaha! {Color is “Mink Muffs”}.  Thanks to my friend Kathy for suggesting the color and my husband for buying it for me for Christmas.  :)


Do you see these two pictures?  What do they have in common? 

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Um…they should never be taken on February 13th!  Seriously…sugar ants in the bathroom (of all places!) and crocuses literally about 8 inches tall (I know, lovely landscaping – it will be improved this spring!)  It’s a crazy winter but I’m not complaining for one second. 


We went to Moe’s on Saturday night for dinner.   It was good but it was no Chipotle!  (I am a die-hard Chipotle lover.)  The food doesn’t taste as good and they move you along super fast and they have these glass barriers between you and the food when you order.  Except I literally had to stand on my tip-toes so they could hear me since the glass is so high and I’m pretty short.  I seriously felt like I was 8 years old.  However, they do serve grass-fed beef in their menu so to that I say, WELL DONE Moe’s!  Oh and a girl can’t complain about free chips and salsa.  :) Luke was so, so good for us which was such a blessing.  Toddler boys and restaurants don’t usually mix well.  Can I get an amen?!


luke and v-day 022

Crazy that Valentine’s Day is tomorrow!  (Wasn't it just Christmas Eve?!)  Chris and I aren’t doing anything special since my parents are already kind enough to watch Luke once a week for us while we go to our parenting class, and we don’t want to stretch them too thin.  However, my husband did say he is getting me something “small” so of course I am looking forward to seeing what Tuesday brings!

What about you?  Do you go all out on Valentine’s Day or is it pretty low-key at your house?  I know some people hate it and some people love it so I’m curious to know.  If it was solely up to me it would be overflowing with flowers and gifts and nights out but clearly I am only one half of this relationship! haha

Happy Monday! 


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  1. Most of the time we don't go out either, it's hard to figure out childcare and honestly most places are just so overpriced and BUSY on that day. So a few yrs back we got in the habit of planning our own big Valentine dinner at home. We decorate the dining room and make a fancy dinner and sometimes even dress up. Then play a game together or just hang out. {all of this done WITH our kids}. It's something we've come to look forward to! This year we did it on Sun night since V day was on a Tues when Bob usually works - but then he surprised me by saying he took the night off and he's taking all 3 of us girls out to a nice dinner! Totally wasn't expecting that! hahaha And honestly I really don't mind taking the girls with us. =)

  2. Hi! So, I always followed your blog and hadn't gotten any posts in my reader for a really long time. Saw your link on Carissa's blog, came to visit you and realized that somehow I've been unsubscribed and I've been missing a lot! Guess I'll try to follow you again now... So, Wow, you're adopting! Congratulations!

    I'm doing a couple fun things for Celia for Valentine's Day. I'm like you- I'd love to make it something big and special just for fun, but my husband has made it more than clear that I'm getting nothing :(

  3. thanks for stopping by :) the cinnamon muffins were actually from a muffin mix. krusteaz, i think. anyway- you have such a cute blog! praying for your adoption process!

    happy monday :)

  4. Hey Jess,

    Wow, you're one and one, congrats!! Amazing, I bet you're so excited! :)

    Yes, Birchbox is the real deal. I started with a 3 month subscription, thinking I'd renew once I checked it out, and I am totally sold! Valentines day gift, maybe? :) Let me know if you get it, it's super fun.

    Have a great week!

  5. woot! congrats on the adoption progress. this is so exciting.

    seriously, moe's is lame compared to Chipotle. we only have Moes here but Chipotle is coming in the spring. can you say excited???

  6. whoop whoop on the adoption progress! moving right along! that rocks! so happy for you guys! we do not have a moes lol we don't really have anything much in wv ha! anywho we did our vday dinner with our Kelcee tonight and we have a big vday party at her preschool tommorrow and then the hubs and I will exchange cards and give Kelcee her valentines pressies from us. We forgo vday gifts this year since he is suprising me with my dream nyc trip this fall whoop whoop!

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