Sunday, June 26, 2011

Miscellany Monday {12}

{1} WOW, what a week we have had!  My DH was on vacation for the last 9 days, and it has been awesome to have him with me everyday.  We truly are best friends (we were even before we ever dated), so having him around to talk to and be with all day is pretty much my favorite thing ever.  We started out the week (from Saturday – Wednesday afternoon) in PA visiting his family (where we lived until last summer).  We had such a nice, refreshing, relaxing time.  It is so beautiful there in the Pocono Mountains and whenever we visit I am struck by how amazing God’s creation is. 

{2} While we were there, we also spent a lot of quality time with my BFF  and her family. She made us Pioneer Woman’s cinnamon rolls. I have had them before, and every time I eat one, I’m pretty sure I do some involuntary moaning that makes my husband uncomfortable.  haha! 

Normally I’m not a big fan of pastries and things like that because they just make me feel kinda sick instantly.  But my darling friend made hers with whole wheat flour, which kept my blood sugar from skyrocketing and allowed me to eat….well…..more than the few bites I originally planned on.  lol 


I’m pretty sure if I was a country singer and/or a Southerner I would classify these as “slap your grandma” good….but since I’m not, let’s just go with seriously TO DIE FOR.  If you haven’t ever tried them, you gotta get the book from your library or beg someone lovely to make them for you.  Out of this world, people! Out of this world.

{3} Speaking of amazingly good foods, I have another one for you, and this one’s as easy as driving to the grocery store: Oikos Organic Pomegranate Raspberry Acai Greek Yogurt (by Stonyfield). 


Normally I buy plain Greek yogurt, add fruit and honey (and sometimes flaxseed if I’m feeling wild and crazy) and call it a day.  I love it that way.  But this was on sale and I gave it a go.  YUM.  Sweet, but not so sweet it made me feel sick.  Great treat. 

Oh, and true story of life in our house: Chris was giving Luke a bath when I opened the container of yogurt.  I was all like, “Honey you have got to try this!!!” so I went in the bathroom so Chris could have a spoonful.  My child stands up (in the bath, remember), points to the yogurt, and does a pitiful little moan.  So I give him a spoonful, and he loves it and wants more.  So there is my son, buck naked in the bathtub, getting spoon-fed yogurt by Mommy.  It that’s not quality parenting, I just don’t know what is. Ha!

{4} I forgot to add earlier that the rest of this week was a little stressful because of the massive yard-sale I had at my house on Saturday with me, my mom, my aunt, my sister, and a couple from our church.  We had a TON of people, and overall I made $245 (plus a bread machine).  I am super happy with that number, considering I didn’t sell any furniture or anything – just smaller household items.  I am thrilled to have spending money (for Ikea this month!!!!), but wow was it ever tiring.  I’m relieved that it’s over!  Come back later this week and I’ll be giving you some yard-sale tips I’ve learned from having 3 yard sales of my own and selling twice at a flea market in PA! 

{5} So my blissful week with DH is over, and we’re back to reality, oh, there goes gravity….lol, I mean, back to the regular in-and-out of life. ;)  (Sidenote: I just got transported back to senior prom, 2002, and my prom date rapping every single word to that song on the dance floor.) Thankfully, my Monday is going to start out with a visit from a blog-friend turned real-life friend, Abby from Tales and Trials.  I’m pretty sure my mother would be going into cardiac arrest tonight if she knew that I had given my home address, last name, and phone number to someone I met on the internet.  hahaha! 

Seriously though, no worries…I am like, the most paranoid person on the planet about privacy and I’ve met Abby before in a neutral location just in case Abby was really Al and 75 and drove a creepy white passenger van with no windows in the back and she and her boys are really sweet.  Looking forward to seeing her again tomorrow at my house! 

{6} Oh and last but not least…..I stopped by Goodwill today and there, on the bookshelf, with a heavenly light around it, was this book, for $1.99:

image description


I’ve been looking for this book (and the first one) for years now – they’re out of print, as far as I can tell.  I can’t tell you how happy I was to find it!  It totally came home with me and I was definitely reading it in line. 

If I’m not the coolest person you know, then I’m pretty sure you need better friends.  Or something. 


Happy Monday! ;)

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  1. Jessica, in the South, we say "Mawmaw" not Grandma so much. So they saying would probably be "slap-your-mamaw-good" or "slap your-mama-good" LOL. Good try though.

  2. Garage sales or yard sales are incredibly tiring. It always amazes me how tired I am when they're done. But happy and thankful for that extra chunk of change. :)

    I'll have to try that yogurt. I'm like you and really can't stand yogurt that is tooo sweet.


  3. Hi - Am visiting via Misc. Monday blog hop
    Am your Newest Follower :o)

    Nice to meet you!

    I just started using Oikos Greek Yogurt - I love their honey and blueberry - it's so rich and creamy - and gotta scoop the fruit from the bottom throughout - I add it to my fruit smoothies, too

    Thanks for sharing
    Happy Monday-


  4. HI! I just came across your BLog! And its a great blog to visit! You give great ideas for young married women I will pass this to my daughter who just got married!
    Thanks, :)

  5. Those cinnamon rolls look SO yummy! :) cute blog!

  6. It was so fun getting to see your new place today.I am still thinking about that island in your kitchen. I LOVE it!

  7. You're a hoot!!!

    I've yet to try a pioneer recipe. My thighs are glad. I'd be so tempted.

    I've got to plan a yard sale... You've inspired me! The only issue is that my honey is sweet and sentimental; he doesn't like to get rid of anything. I appreciate this about him, but not when I want to purge! I'm sure you're glad to have it behind you, money in hand!

    Yay for daddy's being home... That's always a treat.


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