Saturday, June 4, 2011

Goodwill {and Yard Sale} Hunting

Helllooooo lovely blog readers!  No, the new house didn’t kill us (yet).  But we sure have been busy!  So busy, in fact, that I actually lost four pounds since we moved in, thanks to being too busy to eat!  Whoo hoo!  I had been following the Weight Watchers Points Plus system before we moved (that’s another post for another day) and had lost about 4.5 pounds, so all together, I’m about 8.5 pounds lighter than I was about 6 weeks ago!  It’s definitely exciting and I hope it continues.  I promise to post pictures of the house soon – I just want to get a little more settled first. 

Annnnyway, you most likely clicked on this post because of the thrifty title, and I won’t disappoint! Our local Goodwill had a 50% off sale on Memorial Day, and I’ve also been to some yard sales the last two weeks.  So some lovely new things have made their way home with me! 

I’ve found some small furniture items like this adorable step-stool/seat for Luke that I’d been searching for ($3 YS):

more house may 2011 082   more house may 2011 087

He loves it!

I also purchased this little wooden chair ($4 GW) so that he can look out the window when I’m busy in the kitchen.  I’m loving the mauve against the painter’s tape, aren’t you?! (That room will be gray hopefully by this time tomorrow!)

more house may 2011 083

Another vintage chair – this one for his room – that has actually already been spray-painted bright red and I am loving it! ($4 GW)

more house may 2011 080

I also got this little toy-box ($5 GW):

more house may 2011 075

Some more goodies for Luke:

more house may 2011 092

(Shirts and sweater vest for this fall/winter $1 GW/YS; Elmo bowl $.10 YS; vintage blocks for his room design $.25 YS)

Vintage spelling words kit (came with some spelling blocks although 2 are missing; $2 YS):

more house may 2011 076

Wooden train set with vintage trains, signs, and a whole bunch of other things mixed in - $3 YS (One of my best finds ever! He literally can play with this for an hour or more at a time.  We just need a bigger table for him! lol)

more house may 2011 078

Old wire crate ($.50 GW) to hold some of his many books.  I keep finding these kind of crates at GW – I can’t get enough of them!

more house may 2011 077

Some treats for Mommy:

more house may 2011 089

Charlotte Russe sleeveless shirt ($1.50 GW), Forever 21 t-shirt ($2 GW), vintage “Chesapeake” shirt with little boats ($2 GW), Gap jeans ($5.99 GW), Refuge capri jeans ($3 GW).


more house may 2011 090

Liberty of London notecards ($1 YS) – I really like having nice paper to write notes with!  These are so pretty and they’re assorted.  3 glass decorative wall-hanging things ($.25 each YS); brown flip-flops ($.50 GW).

Some assorted books for all of us (some are for Luke when he’s older, and the Calvin and Hobbes is for my husband – yes, you can laugh! :).  We all love to read - all 11 for $1 total. 

more house may 2011 070

And last but not least, my piece de resistance: Tommy Hilfiger lobster sheets!  I just about died when I saw these – they were not from half-price day, but I didn’t care.  They were $5.99 for the set and I just fell in love with them!  I mean, how perfect is that for people coming to visit us?  Sleeping on lobster sheets in Connecticut – it’s just too perfect. :)  They have already been broken in by our first little 2-year old guest when he and his parents came to stay last weekend. :)

more house may 2011 094   more house may 2011 096

So, there you have it!  And honestly, that’s just the stuff I could remember when I was going around the house with my camera – there’s other stuff I remembered after the fact! 

I love yard-sale season!  Have any of you found great deals out there yet this year?


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  1. Michelle from At Home With Michelle-blogger is still having comment problems,ugg, thats why it say I am anonymous:)
    I LOVE yard sales, looks like you found a lot of goodies, check out my yard sale finds on some posts on my blog, love if you would:)

  2. Love the lobster sheets!! So stinkin cute. You had some great finds!!

  3. G.W's is my FAVORITE place to shop and now that it is garage sale season...I always am on the look out for TREASURE!!

    You did REAL good! REALLY! REALLY GOOD!

  4. I had a stool like that when I was a kid! So fun! You're good at bargain hunting. Can't wait to see the newest stuff you've done with the house!

  5. I love that toy box! I wish I could find good stuff like that at our yard sales!! I dont have a kid but I have lots of things that I could hide away in there! LOL

  6. Congrats on the weight loss! That's always one benefit to being busy! What awesome deals... The first chair is my fave! There's a church yard sale I'm going to this weekend and I can't wait. Cheers to good deals!

  7. I found myself a chicken coop from a local lady for $35....A nearly new dooney & bourke bag from my neighbor for $25....a pair of new levi's for $6, 2 twin Ralph Lauren sheets for $5.

    I always LOVE finding books, so I piled up on softcovers for .50 - .75 each and a cute Longaberger basket for $2. I LOVE spring and summer!

  8. Our GW is way expensive. Unless it's half-off day, forget it, lol! They ask $6 for old hardbacks. Even at 50%, too expensive!


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