Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Consider this Part 2 to My Last Post

When I typed that last post about CVS, I had NO idea that it would cause a bit of drama!  WOW.  First of all, that post has already received 1,921 hits in the 24 hours it has been up, and almost 1,000 of those hits have been from Facebook.  At least one sweet woman has e-mailed me (hi, Beth!) to say that she shared the deal with her coupon group on Facebook, which I think is awesome.  Suffice it to say that that number is waaaaaaaaaay more visits than I usually get on my little blog!  By a long shot! haha

The downside of that post is that I have received some hurtful, thoughtless comments (which were immediately deleted).  So you will notice that comment moderation is turned on, and I will probably keep it on for a few weeks.  Let me just encourage all of you to remember that (as corny as it sounds) behind every blog you read is a real person with real feelings.  It is easy to be a bully when you write anonymously behind a computer screen, but those words can hurt someone else. 

I, like many of you, have a small monthly budget to work with – hence why you see so many posts about thrift stores and yard sales.  CVS has been a huge blessing to me and my family, because I have learned (thanks to Money Saving Mom) how to combine coupons and sales to save literally thousands of dollars over the past several years.  What I didn’t type after yesterday’s post was that I was able to roll my 7 ECB into buying swim diapers for my son.  After using a Pamper’s coupon, those came out to only $.50.  That’s why I did the deal – to save on that expensive summer necessity.  I am not at all ashamed to say that I bought those items – I consider it a win-win for my family and for the person at my yard sale next week who will be able to buy them for 90-95% off. 

I have a small, 3-level plastic container where I keep my drugstore items – when that container is full, I take a break from doing deals.  I am certainly not a hoarder or a miser. Sometimes I sell my few overstock items, and sometimes I give them away.  I am THANKFUL for the blessing that coupons and learning about stores has been to my family.  I am also thankful that I was able to help some of you out yesterday. 

Lastly, someone yesterday had a question about how I was able to do the stacking of coupons at CVS.  That is the great thing bout shopping there – you can stack a CVS coupon with a manufacturer coupon to get maximum savings.  One of the reasons I never shop at Walgreens is because they don’t have that policy and things get very, very confusing – you have to end up buying all sorts of filler items and to me that just gets too overwhelming. 

I guess I just want to ask that before you type a comment – to me or any other blogger – please consider the real person behind that blog.  Life is far, far too short to go around leaving nasty anonymous comments on other people’s personal websites.  

I mean, really…you could spend that time learning to coupon instead. ;)


  1. This is a good follow-up. One of the few bad things about blogging are the mean anonymous commenters. (And sometimes non-anonymous.) I don't understand why people say things online that they'd never say in person. But, I always just tell myself it's their own unhappiness or jealousy. Makes it a little easier.

  2. I didn't see your original post but from what you said here, what you described is nothing more than being a good homemaker. You are being a good steward of your family's money, making common sense choices for purchasing items your family needs. Good for you learning how to make your dollar stretch. If I wasn't so lazy, I'd do the same thing! Just because I don't doesn't mean I would say you don't have a right.

    I'm sorry that some people were so mean in their comments. I like your last line concerning that!

    BTW, I have to comment as annonymous otherwise I can't comment. I have left my blog addy to show that I'm a for real person. ;-)


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