Tuesday, June 14, 2011

How to Make $4 at CVS This Week

I just had to pop on and share what I did today at CVS, in the hopes that it can help some of you!  This does require you to have access to two coupon inserts from Sunday, but just hold on tight if you only bought one paper and not two…it will still make you money. 

At the front of your CVS store, scan your CVS card at the big red Price Checker/Coupon Printer.  You should get a $3/$10 First Aid coupon (this was advertised in the CVS circular this week, so everyone around the country should be able to get this). 

Then pick up 2 Motrin PM (20 count) and 1 Bayer Advanced (20 count):

early june 2011 009

Your total for these three items will be $11, putting you just over the $10 necessary to use the coupon (and yes, these qualify as first aid items – at least they did at my store, and I had a manger check me out). 

At the register, use:

- 2 $1/1 Motrin PM coupons from yesterday’s paper
- 1 $2/1 Bayer Advanced coupon from yesterday’s paper
- 1 $3/$10 CVS First Aid coupon

These will bring your total down from $11 to only $4:

early june 2011 006

BUT, at the end of your receipt, you will receive $6 in ECB from the Motrin and $1 in ECB from the Bayer….$7 to spend at the store, having only spent $4 initially.  PLUS, there is a rebate form in yesterday’s paper for the Bayer, which you can send in to the company and get another $1 in the mail. 

So you just made FOUR DOLLARS and walked out with 3 items. :)  Loving it!

If you only got one paper, obviously, this will still make you money – just $3 instead of $4 (assuming you send in the rebate).  Still a great scenario!

Even better for me is that these items are going to be sold at my yard sale next Saturday.  My mom thinks I’m a little crazy for selling personal care items at a yard sale, because no one will buy them.  I told her that after having been to hundreds of yards sales, plus having two yard sales of my own and selling at the flea market twice, there is a customer for every item you can imagine.  At the flea market last year, I sold ginormous maxi pads that I had gotten totally free with coupons.  And sure enough, a woman walked up and got a whole bag of them, and walked around the entire flea market with a bag of pads. (It’s okay, you can laugh. hahaha)

Remember, people, we live in a world where you can buy underwear at Goodwill.  There is a buyer out there for every product!! :)

Happy shopping!


  1. How did you use 2 of the same coupon? They never let me

  2. I'm having a yard sale at the end of the month, and i will also be selling personal care items. I wasn't going to sell the motrin and stuff like that, but after seeing this, I'm like why not!

  3. She could use two of the same coupon because she bought two separate boxes of Motrin PM :) You can use one coupon per item unless it specifies that you can only use one per transaction. In this case the motrin coupons don't :)

  4. how did you use 4 coupons on 3 items they wouldnt let me do that at walgreens this morning when i had a Mc for each item and i also wanted to pay with some rr i had and they would take some of them cuz they said that the number of coupons exceeded the number of items. Im new at this so i was really confused about that. I thought RR where like cash??

  5. If you can get all of these items in one go, kudos! I went to all three of my local CVS stores today and none of them had both the Motrin PM and the Zyrtec. :( Rainchecks for me.

  6. At Walgreens you have to have the same number of items as you have coupons...CVS doesn't have silly rules like that

  7. I sell my free CVS items at my garage sales too. Most of it sells for $1, which is a $1 moneymaker if I got the items free and still a good deal for the buyer. Giving items to the local homeless shelter is always a good option too!

  8. I sold Depend underwear and Poise pads at my last yard sale. The lady that bought them was so grateful to get them at a fraction of their retail price and I made $2, so it was a blessing to us both.

  9. I did CVS for the first time ever this week, and I had a free zyrtec coupon, so in the end I walked out with 8 items and $10ECB having spent $8 oop. And I recently saw a yardsale with a table that seemed to have all the things I've seen on sale at RiteAid the past few months... go figure.

  10. I agree about what people will buy at yard sales -- it amazes me what will sell. :)

    Good for you with the good deals.:)


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