Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Week of Disappointments {With One Shiny Exception}

It’s just been such a blaaaaah week here.  The kind that potentially was going to be great, and turned out to be such a let-down. 

First, we finally got word from the bank about our house.  This should have been a good thing, because it’s only 40 days from the day we signed the contract, which is really fast for a short sale.  The bad news is that they refused to give us a scrap of money towards closing.  Since it’s a foreclosure and it needs a little work here and there (not to mention 3 appliances), that’s just not an option for us.  We need to move into that house with some money in the bank. 

Thankfully, our realtor was venting in the office and found out that the same bank had just given someone else’s client 3% back at closing. So, we resubmitted our offer last night, asking for 3% instead of 6% back.  I want that house *so* badly, but it really is gonna have to be God at this point.  This is pretty much our last-ditch effort. 

Second, I was all psyched up to have my interview this week (like I shared on Monday), but thanks to Snowmaggedon yet another snow storm, it got canceled.  Annnnnnd I was having a really good hair day, which is a rare occurrence around here thanks to my post-baby new 1-inch bangs in front.

Oh, and in case you think I’m kidding about the snow, allow me to show you the view from the front door:

jan 10 018 Can you see the neighbor’s mailbox?  Nope, me neither. 

Third, my car’s horn died, the oil needs to be changed, and two mysterious substances are leaking from the bottom.  Awesome. 

Fourth, I went to my ENT to have a tube put in my ear (last time I had it done, I was 4 and was put under), and what was supposed to be a pain-free, easy surgery ended up with 4 failed attempts (successful on the 5th) to place the tube in my ear, thanks to my “severely twisted canal.” Oh, and I apparently have a flap on my ear drum (?), which resulted in the intense pain I felt every time he inserted the instruments, which resulted in me bawling (I tried to hold it together, but I just couldn’t), which resulted in my doctor getting upset because I kept heaving sobs, which bumped his arm, which moved the microscope, which moved the tube, which moved the dangling ear drum….you get the picture.  All the while, the nurse is telling me “You’re doing great!!!!!! Just don’t move.” 

Not one of the finer moments of my adult life. 

In his defense, the doctor did apologize later for being so stern and for how terrible it went.  Which only made me start to cry more, in front of him.  I’m one of those people where if you get me crying even a little bit, it’s pretty much all gonna come out.  It was pretty spectacular, in case you were wondering.

Which leads me to the one lovely point of my terribly crappy week:  yesterday, I arrived home from the procedure, with big puffy eyes and a wicked sore ear, to find a box in the mailbox with my name on it. 

Aka, my last Christmas gift from Chris, so belated because I couldn’t make up my mind on which one I wanted. 

And this, my friends, is what was inside:

hugs and kisses

Um, seriously, I can’t stop thinking about this necklace.  I didn’t want to take if off last night and I couldn’t wait to put it on this morning.  It’s my new favorite thing I own.  I’m totally, utterly, in love with its adorableness.  And as a bonus, Simply Been, the company, is run by two Christian moms (love), in honor of one of the mom’s sons, Ben, who passed away.  I love supporting Christian mommies, and I love supporting the memory of a sweet little baby.  AND I LOVE THIS PIECE OF JEWELRY! 

jan 10 013{My attempts at a self-portrait of this really failed,
so this is all you’re getting, unfortunately! Also, my super-sensitive skin
is splotchy since I kept moving the necklace to get it straight. Lovely.}

So anyway, it’s finally Saturday.  Looking forward to church tomorrow and starting a new, fresh week. 

With my fingers crossed. ;)


  1. I'm sorry to hear you had such a miserable week :(

    I'll be praying that all goes well, with your health, your home and your hair :)

  2. Hmmm, God's got this WHOLE house thing figured out and nicely wrapped up but waiting STINKS!

    Love the necklace too! LOVE!

  3. I just love your blog. I am sorry you had such a hard week. YOu have gratitude for the simple things---I love your necklace I am glad it makes you happy.
    You ear ordeal sounded so painful. What a horrific experience.
    Remember God is your anchor even when the wind is blowin your sail the wrong way...
    I love your blog you are very inspiring keep up you calling.

  4. You're so right that the house is in God's hands...we are in the house-buying process ourselves and we just have to keep trusting that He will put us where He wants us and in his own perfect time. I feel for you, though: it's SO hard when you get your hopes up about something only to have the Lord close the door. But that can only mean there's an open door somewhere else that's even better than the first. Keep your head up! :)


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