Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Little Boy’s Room Inspiration

I’ve been thinking a lot about Luke’s next bedroom when we move.  When we moved away from our PA house, he was just over 13 months old – and the soft blues and greens and baby jungle animals of his nursery was still suitable.  However, he’s turning 18 months in just a few short days, and since we’ll be moving sometime in March (God willing), I’ve been thinking about how I’ll decorate a room for my 20-month old that will suit him now and for the preschool years. 

I was browsing over at Odeedoh and found these excellent inspiration pictures:




1 & 2 – are you not loving the red-painted spindle bed??


How precious is this birdie counting poster?! I wish I knew where the owner purchased it.


I like the masculinity and grounding that the plaid throw blanket on the rocking chair adds to the otherwise youthful room:



Again, I love this print.  I also love how this nursery subtly adds jungle animals in not such a baby way. 


Also, how precious is this quilt?! I looooove elephants. (Same room)



Moving on to a new room, I’m loving the name spelled out with alphabet blocks:


As well as the vintage framed prints mixed with the typography letters:



Carpet squares are so clever in this boy’s room:


Not one of my favorite rooms per se, but I do like the mix of green, orange, and gray as well as the high chair rail to display objects well out of reach:


How precious is this itty-bitty workstation?  And the rotary phone?! 


These pictures have definitely gotten my creative juices flowing!  If any of you have posted pictures of your little boy’s rooms (or have inspiration photos from somewhere on the web), would you share them with me?  Thanks!


  1. I love all of them! We have an alphabet theme, but it uses animals as examples of the letters. I used the blocks to spell out Baby Girl's name...found them in the dollar section at Target!
    She's really into Curious George and I just splurged on a C.G. sheet set from Pottery Barn. I love that it fits the animals but is also George!
    I can't wait to see pictures once you get his room decorated!

  2. Love it! I've been thinking the same thing. Were going to do an outdoors theme, and that bird counting artwork would be perfect ;)

  3. I'm actually in process of doing a big boy room as well! We moved into our house seven months ago and my two-year-old's room was one of the first projects we undertook. I'm still working on making the wall decor his old crib bumper, but here's what we have so far:


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