Friday, December 17, 2010

Black Friday Thrifting Finds

Well, Luke is napping (cue Hallelujah chorus), so I thought I’d show some thrifting finds.  My mom, sister, and I always head out to Goodwill on Black Friday, because everything in the store is 50% off.  If you get there between 7 and 9 am, you get an extra 10% on top of that.  60% off at the thrift store? You better believe my butt is in line at 6:45 waiting patiently outside! :)

Half of these pictures were taken outside or inside our storage unit, since we moved 3 days later.  Yes, I was snapping pictures in the storage unit.  My husband really, really loves me. :)

Anyway, on to the pictures!

My most absolutely favorite item was this Pier 1 indoor wicker chair….for TWENTY BUCKS!!! I just want to sit and pet it, I love it so much.  It needs to be re-stained, but I just don’t care.  It’s lovely.

november-december 2010 135    november-december 2010 137

It came with this cushion, which unfortunately got smooshed before I got a good picture of it:

november-december 2010 136

I also purchased two soft pillows:

november-december 2010 139

A beautiful curtain that hopefully my mom will help me make into pillows whenever it is that we finally end up getting our own house someday:

november-december 2010 140

Super-soft kids-size sleeping bag and green easy chair slipcover:

november-december 2010 142

Giant mirror that I will hopefully use above a mantel (sideways, of course):

november-december 2010 157

Caddy (great for storing markers and crayons); super cheap toys and book for Luke.  Some of his Christmas gifts are thrifted.  Hopefully that makes me a frugal mom and not a cheap one. I figure it will be years before he realizes that they’re not from the store, and they will bring him just as much joy!  (Don’t worry, I Clorox everything I get from there.  Even the board books can be wiped down.)

november-december 2010 158

I love love love this wire basket – it was only about 15 cents on sale!  The birdie may get a spray paint of white and the wooden caddy will also probably hold crayons in a playroom in its future life. 

november-december 2010 159

Cutie pie lamp and curtain rod:

november-december 2010 160 

Cool circle frame and 3-picture frame.  I am envisioning this “Together” frame spray-painted apple-green or bright orange, for some reason??

november-december 2010 153

I keep finding these woven wicker balls!  They are so fun and Pottery-Barnish!  Loving them! 

november-december 2010 152

Lastly, I couldn’t resist this print (even through it’s crooked and I have to shift it) of a little blonde boy painting at the beach.  Too cute.  Perfect for a playroom, which hopefully we will have soon!

november-december 2010 154

Speaking of a playroom, we found a great house…only to find out that it’s a short sale.  EW.  If you know anything about short sales, you know that the name is highly ironic, because they are anything but short.  We love the house so much that we decided to go ahead and put in our offer last night….however, the bank doesn’t have to respond back to us until FEBRUARY 28TH.  And even then, they don’t have to respond; we can just legally back out of our contract then.  THAT’S SEVENTY-ONE DAYS FROM NOW.  I love my parents but I need to be in my own place again, and I need it SOON.  So Chris and I are going to wait until after the holidays and then talk about getting a month-to-month rental.  Our realtor said he has one that we could rent. 

The frugal side of me knows it would be really smart to save money and stay here, the mommy side of me wants to keep Luke here so he has one less transition in his life, the wife and homemaker side of me really wants her own house to decorate again, and the rational side of me just keeps saying that even if they respond then, we are easily looking at mid-April by the time inspections and all that are said and done and we are moved in. 

The house is worth waiting for…it’s just a question of where we wait….for possibly FOUR MORE MONTHS.  Ahhhhhhhhhh.

Anyone feel like sharing their opinion?  I’m all ears.  Or eyes.  Whatever.  :)


  1. Great finds! I love the chair. We've never purchased a short sale, but we've looked at a few. Good luck! Stay positive and I know it will work out. I totally feel you on wanting your own home.

  2. i have worked in the title/escrow closing business for 7 years and any time you deal with a bank it could take 4-ev-er. with that said, i have also seen realtors who are very motivated that stay on top of things help speed up the process. we lived with my parents for a few months (twice) while in transition and it is not my cup of tea either. tough decisions, just try to be patient, a hasty decision could make things even more complicated. good luck and merry christmas!

  3. What FABULOUS finds! But the chair....I am so envious! I was to sit on it, pet it love it too. Alas, I will from afar. Great steals of deals! Congrats! Thank you for linking up to Thrifty Thursday!

  4. whoa! What fabulous finds!

    I picked up that same lamp today at a thrift store, but I probably paid more than you at $3.99.

    I'm going to follow and take a look around to see all of the great finds you have found.


  5. That chair is fabulous. You could use it anywhere!

  6. great thrift store finds... chair is great.


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