Sunday, June 6, 2010

Thrifty Finds: Target, VOA, and Yard Sales

Just wanted to show you all some of the fun things I’ve found recently!


You might remember that I’ve been moving all my dishes from black to white, and I’ve been trying to wait patiently for good deals on them.

Well, Target (God bless Target!) had these beautiful, heavy-duty white porcelain dishes for 75% off last week so you better believe I snatched them right up!

wedding and thrifting 026

I got 7 big plates for $1.25 each and 4 salad plates for $.98 each. I would have gotten 8 big ones but that’s all they had and I only needed 4 small because I already had 4 Crate and Barrel white porcelain salad plates that I got last year on Black Friday at Goodwill for $.40 each! (Wow, that was a run-on.) I will be stalking the clearance aisle to see if one more big plate shows up – if not, I will *gasp* pay retail for it. :)

I love that porcelain doesn’t scratch, like stoneware, and that white goes with every holiday, tablecloth, napkin, you name it!

Volunteers of America:

I still go with Lindsay to the monthly 50% off sale at VOA. Last month I found this cute little greenhouse/dome thingy for $.60. (Tag on the bottom says Jo Ann’s for $19.99.) I put moss in the bottom and added it to my summer mantle (which you will see either this week or next):

wedding and thrifting 018

I also found a cute reversible Gymboree hat for Luke for $1. I would like to add that the hat is a size 2T-5T. And it’s snug. On my 10 month old. Sometimes I think it really was a good thing that my baby didn’t come the regular way. ;) memorial day 2010 027

I found a cute pair of Gap crops for $3 and this breezy white shirt for $.50 that I picked up to wear to the beach.

wedding and thrifting 028

Little did I realize when I brought it home that other shirts by this designer, James Perse, sell for $65-135! Score! :)

wedding and thrifting 030

Thrifted Finds:

A few weeks ago Lindsay and I had a yard sale at my house. My neighbor had a yard sale with her friends, as well, and I purchased this table from one of the women. I originally thought it was just a cool piece of art on a stand, but it’s actually a folding table and the date on the back reads Nov. 29, 1939. It’s unlike anything in my house but for $5 I had to have it!

wedding and thrifting 032

Our local Christian radio station had a yard sale yesterday morning. I got this tray table (top is removable) for $2 (apparently I have a thing for tray tables?!):

wedding and thrifting 020

(I’m thinking about spray painting it a fun summery color but I can’t decide yet.)

I also picked up a pair of Steve Madden sunglasses, $.50, and this set of weather-resistant mini Chinese lanterns for $1 that came with lights included. I think they will be perfect for Luke’s party!

wedding and thrifting 023

And there you have it! :)

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  1. Great finds! And the prices were even better. Your little guy is so cute in that hat!!


  2. fun! I am not sure what I love more...the picture, the Steve Madden sunglasses...or the glass dome with the moss in it...I adore them all. Thanks for joining in on the fun!~ I am sure you will love to see the others as well...great group of gals out there and they will enjoy your new finds as well. Have a great night.

  3. Great finds! Can't wait to read more of your life!

  4. Love that folding, floral tray table!! It will make an interesting conversational piece even if you don't use it. And yes, the other table will be adorable spray painted a summery color.
    :-) Sue

  5. .60 for a greenhouse thingy? unreal! :) enjoy it! :)

  6. the greenhouse thinghy is too cute!!! Those hats do run small! My baby wears that same size in hats, so don't feel bad!

  7. I'm in love with the tray tables. You can never never never have enough surface space and those conviently fit everywhere. I'd say leave it neutral toned for now. Then when you need a change, whip out the spray paint!

  8. I love garage sale shopping too! I'm planning on doing a post about it shortly, so I'll probably link this post to mine when that happens! Great finds!

  9. Those are great dishes! I just moved and switched my dishes from navy to white...the white makes everything seem so fancy! Even burgers and casseroles look like gourmet food when they are served on white plates. :)


  10. Wow! You found some really great things! I would *love* to use that folding table as a piece of art.

    Found you through Nester.:-)


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