Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Yard Sale Shopping {CT edition}

I mentioned that I went to Connecticut last weekend to visit my family. I have yard-saled with my mom for years; it’s one of our favorite things to do together!

I thought I’d show you some of my fun finds. :)

This one girl was like me in another body. I loved everything she had – it was a toile extravaganza! If she weren’t several inches taller than me, I would have bought a lot more of her clothes – most from Target and totally cute. It was one of the most fun times I’ve ever had a sale – if I had more money I would have bought about $50 more worth of her stuff!

My mom and Chris said they were surprised I liked her stuff – my mom said she thought my style was more modern than country. I told my mom the curtains aren’t country, they’re traditional, which is definitely what my style is. These are my first toile purchases and I am loving them! The Nester would be so proud. ;)

june weekend in ct 033

4 Waverly curtain panels - $1 each
Coral and cream valence - $1
Crocs in my size - $1 (my first real pair and I don’t care how ugly they because ohmyword they are heavenly!)
Toile bag – she threw it in for free since I bought some more items that I can’t show you b/c they are part of Lindsay’s present. :)

The next girl also had some fun items – and for super cheap!

june weekend in ct 036

Large mirror with ledge on the bottom - $1
Glass pumpkin jar – $.50 (I have been looking for one of these to put fall candy in! My mom and I argued about who would get it in the driveway but I saw it first. ;)
2 Veggie Tales dvds, Elmo potty dvd, Baby Einstein Lullabies cd, instrumental Celtic music cd, and Vienna Boys Choir Christmas cd - $3 total

A few practical items from the next two sales (combined):

june weekend in ct 037

Seafoam bathmat for my beachy bathroom - $1
”Tupperware” container (I have two like this already and they’re great) – $.10
Large canning pot (so I can start making more than jam!) - $2

Last but not least, some free items!

june weekend in ct 030

Cool topper thing – I haven’t decided if I should keep it gold or paint it white
Cloth bag – actually from my mom :)
Magazine holder – you can’t ever have too much organization!

It was SO much fun – we went with my aunt, too, and we laughed a LOT. :)

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  1. You made out. Sounds like a fun day.

  2. Wow - You really did good! Nice finds.

  3. Croc's are absolutely heaven to wear!

  4. Great finds. I wish I could find some Veggie Tales in the DVD's. I'm always just seeing the VCRs

  5. Darn it! I thought I would get to see my present on here. But your good Miss Jessica!


  6. girl! I love the curtains!!!! you wanna share?! haha!

  7. jealous! but then again, our tastes are a lot alike so there would be elbowing and gnashing of teeth and such!

  8. Where are you? I can't find stuff like this in my area for dirt cheap prices like you did!

    People really value their junk around here.

    Here for New Friend Friday.

  9. sounds like a great day...always enjoy your blog

  10. It looks like you had fun... nothing is more of a thrill than finding a bargain!! :) Hazel

  11. You got some great things! You totally scored on the toile items! I love toile.

  12. Looks as though you had a blast! It is always the thrill of the hunt that is best, and then of course leaving with the score. I have a party going on you may be interested in.

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