Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Some Frugal Workout Tips

I missed the party last week at Kelly's blog, but she was asking people to share their weight loss tips and advice.

I started Weight Watchers after Labor Day Weekend to take off the last 16 pounds after Luke that just decided that they were going to cling to me with all their might. Thankfully, my mom had given me all of her old Weight Watchers materials so I didn't have to join myself. If someone in your life did Weight Watchers in the past, ask if they're currently using their materials - I think the program is fantastic. I'm not someone who needs to go to weekly meetings - I had enough internal motivation because I was so tired of being chunky from baby weight! :)

Using Weight Watchers and the free exercises I'm going to show you below, I did lose all of that weight (slowly, because I wasn't always super strict) before Christmas.

However, I gained weight over Christmas and New Year's, and I'm still working on those pounds - the chocolate reaaaally wasn't worth it. :)

Anyway, being a SAHM with not a lot of disposable income, I looked on YouTube for exercise videos, and to my surprise, I found quite a few! I rotate between all of these 10-minute Pilates videos:

Bonnie's Pilates Workout Routine - Thighs

Total Body

Flexibility (I've only done this one a few times; it's definitely not a workout - more of a 10-minute stretch but it feels really good!)

If I want to do something more aerobic for free, I click on any video by Paul Eugene. There's tons of them online and just type in his name on You Tube to find him. I do two at a time.

He's definitely not like any instructor I've seen before. :)

But, he has a lot of videos that are 10 minutes long and all of them have praise songs in the background. I usually have to jog when he walks, etc. to keep my heart-rate up, but his videos are free and make me laugh and keep me thinking about God so really I can't complain.

You'll understand why I'm smiling as I'm typing this if you try one of his workouts! :)
You'll feel a little ridiculous but you can't help but have fun! My kind of workout is one that makes me forget that I hate exercising. :)

Hopefully these links and tips will be a help to some of you looking to lose weight like I am!

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  1. If you have Netflix, you can get workout DVDs from them, too. :) Good luck with your exercise routine!

  2. Hubby got a FREE weight set from a co-worker and polished the metal himself. He loves having it at home. Me, I like doing my exercises in the kitchen in between chores.Free is our kind of exercise.


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