Saturday, January 9, 2010

$1 Target Shopping Trip

We were at Target the other day to pick up some formula, and as we rounded the corner toward the Christmas section my heart stopped beating for a minute when I saw the sign:

90% off!

Of course, it had reaaaally been picked over at that point, but I was able to snag 3 ornament packages for a quarter each! That's right people! Perfect for filling glass jars with next year.

Then I went through the food clearance section and on my way over noticed that the Select Harvest soup was $1.25 each. Using a $1/1 coupon I had, the price was brought to only a quarter as well.

{I just want to say that I never was all that crazy about veggie soups before, but now that I've been on Weight Watchers for a while I eat them several times a week. They are usually really low in calories, and the Select Harvest soups use all natural ingredients. The one I picked up was Southwestern Vegetable and if you top it with a little reduced-fat sour cream and some reduced-fat cheese, it's only 3 points and it is SO good! I told you I'm a mexiholic! lol}

Anyway, you know you've done well when even your male cashier comments that "You can't beat these prices!"

Nope, you really can't. :)

Happy weekend!

{Linked to Money Saving Mom for Super Savings Saturday.}


  1. Great finds! That was a steal on those ornaments. You could use them to make a wreath made of entirely ornaments next year!!

    I LOVE soup and would eat it every day in the winter. I have never made homemade veggie soup but that is usually one of my go-to's when I buy pre-made soup out of the can. I never have thought to top store bought soup with cheese and sour cream. I don't know why since I top my homemade soup with those things. Thanks for suggesting that!

    Happy Weekend!!

  2. Great finds!
    We scored some great magnets during the 90% off!
    I got the soup, too! Maybe we should have been shopping together!

  3. Good job!

    I made taco soup yesterday...mmmm...perfect for these record breaking FL cold temps!!!


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