Sunday, January 31, 2010

January - Month in Review

I journal pretty regularly for Luke but don't write anything down for our family as a whole. I'm going to start a weekly review on Sundays so that I can print them out and keep them as a sort of family journal. I'm typing January's all at once since I just decided I wanted to do this. :)

First week of January:

College friends were here over the New Year's holiday and we had so much fun with them. We were able to get our mortgage refinanced, saving us $150 a month which we are rolling into paying off the good ol' credit card. In the last few weeks of December/January, we were given $600 - $500 anonymously and $100 from a couple that we know. This money provided the repairs needed on our house to fix it up before reassessment and move us into a different bracket. God has been teaching us SO much about trusting Him with money issues. He really does always take care of us and sometimes He just smacks us over the head with the realization that we need to STOP WORRYING!
Started teaching voice lessons again to a very sweet girl from my church and I love it.

Second week:

Saw a dear friend again unexpectedly as she had to travel up from Florida for her grandfather's funeral. One of those things where we hate to see her under the circumstances but were glad to see her nonetheless. Visited my friend/fellow music teacher from last year and her newborn son for the first time. Had a freezer cooking day with a friend and it was a big success!


Third week:

Visited a former student and her mom and another student's mom - so nice to spend some time visiting with them and left with a huge bag of gifts for Luke. :) Officially got accepted to sub for our local school district, so hopefully that will be starting soon. I'm just planning on working 2 days a week for a little extra money. The three of us got sick and my parents and brother came to stay for the weekend.


Fourth week:

Luke has been extremely sick with what they think is RSV. What started out as a cold turned into a hacking cough, wheezing breaths, and rattling lungs. He had no appetite, but when he did manage to eat, he would cough so hard that he projectile vomited numerous times. I was starting to get worried about him getting dehydrated. He was given two prescriptions to help open his lungs and an inhaler treatment. He's been to the doctor twice, and tomorrow we take him back and hopefully the prognosis will be good! He is happier today and his appetite is back so that's a good sign. This has been one of the hardest weeks of my life. Sickness in an already high-maintenance baby does not make a happy mommy and daddy. :)

Bring on February! :)

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  1. So sorry your little man is sick! Hope he feels better soon.


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