Wednesday, November 11, 2009

It's November, Baby.

Yes of course I realize that today's the 11th! I have a four-month-old, hence why my November post is 11 days late. But regardless, I have been looking forward to this month for a looong time!

Here's a few reasons why I'm loving this month:

1. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday (maybe this will change once Luke and any other kids of mine are old enough to be excited about Christmas, but right now it's my favorite). I love being with family and everything all pumpkiny and orangey and I love all the amazing food my mom cooks and turkey sandwiches the next day with stuffing in them and seeing my family again for the first time in a while and watching the Macy's parade on tv with my sister.

2. Black Friday where I grew up = 60% off at Goodwill. Considering that I grew up in a fairly affluent area of Connecticut, Goodwill there is like shopping at a department store. Okay not quite, but people give away the nicest things! Some of my most favorite possessions have come from that Goodwill. I am SO pumped to get up early and get my thrift on with my sister, mom, and two aunts.

3. My brother has been serving as a short-term missionary in Iraq since June. I haven't seen him since the middle of May, and he has never met Luke. I cannot wait for Luke to meet Uncle Josh, and I can't wait to hug my brother and know that he is back safely on American soil!

4. My brother is an outstanding photographer - he has one of the best eyes I've ever seen. He'll be taking some photos of the 3 of us - our first real family photos - and I can't wait to see how they turn out.

I'm also excited about some things in regards to Luke:

Luke with my Dad.

1. He is totally ready to eat cereal (he salivates every time he watches us eat), but we decided to hold off until Thanksgiving to feed him so that my brother can take some photos. I'm excited to see his reaction to "real food." Although I may or may not have let him lick my fudgesicle once. And he may or may not have loved it.

2. It's my baby's first holiday! I can't wait to put him in the "My 1st Thanksgiving" onesie my mom bought him.

3. Luke turned 4 months. Every month he gets more and more fun to interact with, and I feel more and more comfortable as a mom.

4. I am reeeeeallly hoping that this is the month my stomach-hating kid decides he wants to actually roll over. He teases me all the time by rolling to his side and then just chillin'. lol! I want him to just hit this milestone already!

Hopefully November will bring some exciting times for you, as well. It's a great month to be thankful for all that God has done for us, isn't it?!

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