Saturday, November 21, 2009

Target - Super Savings Saturday

I mentioned on Thursday that I would post about Target on Frugal Friday - well, I forgot to do it yesterday, so I decided to link up to Super Savings Saturday instead!

I purchased all of this.....

4 cans Campbell's cream of mushroom
2 cans Campbell's tomato
2 boxes Betty Crocker potatoes
5 cans green beans
1 can corn
2 Twix bars (for my husband, unfortunately not for me!)
1 box Pepperidge Farms pretzel crisps
1 travel-sized Tide
1 Reach floss
1 package Rayovac batteries.

Before coupons and sales, I would have paid $20.19. After: $5.07 - just over 75% savings. (Detergent, batteries, floss, and one candy bar were free after coupons.)

As I posted in Why I Love Target, Part One, check on the weekly grocery sales, plus the websites I have listed, to help you find great deals at Target.

You can still go tonight! :)

This post is linked to Crystal's blog for Super Savings Saturday.


  1. Visiting from Money Saving Mom. YAY Target! I'm with you all the way as I have always been able to find great deals at Target. Just one of the many reasons I love shopping there! Glad to know I'm not the only one. :-)

  2. Do you get your coupons online or through circulars? I get frustrated when stores don't take the online ones!!!

  3. Becky - I use both. If the paper has "good" coupons, I'll buy two and I also ask my mom to save them for me. I do use a lot of online coupons but you're right - some stores won't take them. I don't really understand why, because they'll still get money from the manufacturers, but I think there must be a lot of fraud involved, too. I just don't buy many groceries at stores that have the no-internet-coupon policy. Too bad for them! ;)

  4. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Looks like we were meant to be friends. I love yard sales, Target, and thrifty finds too!

  5. WHOA, good work!!! I love the look of your blog, by the way:) Have a VERY Happy Thanksgiving!!


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