Monday, September 7, 2009

Today's Thrifty Treasures

Disclaimer: My blog is undergoing a little face-lift, hence the "unfinished" look - it should look better by the end of this week! Also, please try not to be jealous of the photo quality of my finds from the weekend. National Geographic just called and unfortunately I had to decline their offer because I am just swamped with calls for my incredible photography skills...

Well, hopefully you all had a great Labor Day weekend! We had a wonderful time visiting family and friends, and spent 4 days hearing about how cute Luke is. :) Anytime I go home to CT my mom and I try to fit in time for yard-sales (apparently my love of them is genetic). We went out at 8:00 on Saturday morning with my aunt and her best friend and we had a great time! Here's a picture of the yard sale finds from the morning, and a break-down of the prices, because I'm totally nosy like that and love to know what other people pay for their finds:

---Baby boy outfits (he desperately needs some long-sleeved outfits to get him through this 0-3 month stage; most of his newborn clothes are summery) were 25 cents a piece, easy Christmas piano songbook 25 cents (people always want you to play Christmas songs on the piano!), white platter for my wall of plates 25 cents, green bowl 50 cents (great for the fall!), little round frame 50 cents (I have a project in mind for that!), bread knife 50 cents, $1.00 for the two baskets (one is lined), and 50 cents for that glass jar that was a cute apothecary jar until I smashed the stupid lid on the pavement! Grrrr....

Total: $4.25 (I hope I did the math right!)

I also found this shelf for Luke's room for $4. Normally I hardly ever pay that much at a yard sale, but his room is a jungle-theme with soft greens, blues, and brown, and I've been looking for a nice shelf to hold pictures. I think this will work really well. Notice the ghetto pillow prop in the background - it was the only way I could show the sides!

Today we went to the Goodwill by my parents' house before we got on the highway, because they were having their 50% sale due to the holiday. It was a madhouse in there but oh my gosh so much fun! I found a few more fun items:

---Little picture frame (will probably get spray painted) 35 cents, cake stand $1.50, tiny cream plate (again for the wall of plates!) 25 cents, glass jar w/metal lid $1, lamp stand $2, lamp shade 50 cents, maroon tin (will get spray painted and rubbed) $1, Old Navy onesie 50 cents, and Kenneth Cole Reaction corduroys for 50 cents! How cute!

Total: $7.60

Side note: when you buy a beautiful table for $100 at an estate sale, don't put a hot bowl of soup on it unless you want a gorgeous white spot on your table like I have on mine!

All in all, I was pretty pleased with what I got for $16! I can't wait to click through the rest of the links tomorrow when I have time during Luke's nap!

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  1. There are ways to get that ring off of your table... google it :)


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