Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My Baby is 10 Weeks Old Today...

I can't believe how different my life is from July 7th of this year. Or from July 7th of last year for that matter (I was in the Dominican Republic!). My son has impacted my life in a way that is hard to accurately put into words.

So, in honor of his 10 weeks of life, here are 10 ways my life has changed - and some things that I have learned - since his arrival:

1. I have learned how to cook, vacuum, put on makeup, blog, e-mail, eat, brush my teeth, and sleep all while holding Luke.
2. Oxy-Clean and non-chlorine bleach are my new bffs.
3. I sometimes find myself bouncing whatever I have in my hand - or just bouncing, period - if I hear him crying in another room.
4. Babies do not die if they cry for 3 minutes while you pee or shave your legs.
5. I would rather sleep than do almost anything. Well, except yard sales. They are the exception.
6. Twelve and a half pounds starts to get heavy really fast.
7. Twelve and a half pounds of baby does not get you really toned arms, however. Totally depressing.
8. I have slept on puked-on pillows and been waaaay too tired to care much about it.
9. Babies reserve spit-up for outfits fresh from the dryer. It's their special way of showing love and affection.

10. I would do absolutely, positively ANYTHING for that little boy. Including major organs sliced, an emotionally and physically draining four-and-a-half day hospital stay, and potentially permanent numbness on an incision site. Oh wait....

In all seriousness, he really, really, is a joy. :)
I am blessed beyond words.
"Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift!" 2 Cor. 9:15


  1. mom showed me pics @ bible study tonight. i cannot believe he is only 10 wks old! He looks like he should be in the toddler nursery for crying out loud! what a cutie, keep growing strong little man. Loveya, "B"

  2. Welcome to motherhood! It's a feeling that one can't know until they experience it and it's just wonderful! I'm so happy for you and the feeling of absolute joy your little boy and hubby brings to you.


  3. That's so funny! Yes, it's amazing how I can get up for yard sales....but would otherwise cherish the sleep! ha


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