Monday, September 21, 2009

It's Monday...

and that means it's Thrifty Treasures time, baby!

Before I get to my favorite find, here's what I found this past weekend:

These items were all 50 cents at an estate sale - the black spreader is Pampered Chef.


The following pictures were from a church rummage sale - $5 for a bag. You'd better believe my bag was about to rip open. :)

I found some great books and videos for Luke...

some fun house and Christmas finds (no, I'm not actually going to hang up the picture of the camels - I wanted the frame)...

and some great clothes! A red cable-knit sweater and jeans (in perfect condition) from J. Crew, some Abercrombie lounge pants, a cute thermal-style shirt from Old Navy, and some Adidas shorts for Chris (they didn't end up fitting, but that's okay. I still think I scored some deals!).


And now for my favorite genuine leather, hobo-style, Bloomingdale's bag....


I about died when the woman at the flea market told me her price. She said she paid $200 for it, and I totally believe her. I am so in love with this thing. :)


  1. omg! Great bag! Terrificly great bag! I love rummage sales and missed a great one this weekend...something I just remembered :)

  2. God finds, but that purse - wow! You really scored on that one! Linda

  3. I agree with the other comments....the purse was the score of the day! Don't just love it when you find a great deal!!

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  5. Crazy super deals ! The purse is my favorite too !

  6. What great deals you found! Cute blog!


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